In reference to letter in the Jan. 20 edition of The News-Review in the "Public Forum" section regarding the cutting of old growth trees at Whistler Bend park:

The possible need to raise moneys for the Parks Department could have started back when the county purchased a run-down, overpriced RV park in Winchester Bay.

This park had been on the market for a number of years without any buyers. The main reason for this was its condition and being over priced. The asking price was $1,000,000. The county purchased the park, paying the asking price. According to Commissioner Boice, the county received a $650,000 federal government grant. The other $250,000 was taken from the county parks department reserve fund. The actual dollar amount should be on public record for viewing. I feel there should have been public input on a purchase of this size. 

Then there's the renovation costs. If this amount also came from the parks department's reserve fund, these figures should also be on public record for viewings. I don't understand why out commissioners, being successful business men, would pay the over price asking price for the park. It would be nice to see the actual dollar return from this purchase.

The second article of the same date brought up the $50,000 gift given to the contractor for the removal of the Windmill Inn demolition debris. The disposal of all debris from a construction site are figured into a contractor's bid for a job. If the contractor and builder were already committed to building here, what was the gift for?

Each department is supposed to be financially independent. Why take funds away from a department?

Darrel Baumbach


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