A $16 million bond plus a $4 million grant. A $16 million dollar is up for vote in about three weeks. I truly believe that Douglas High School needs the upgrades and repairs that are being advertised in newspapers, signs and professionally printed leaflets. My concern is, how do the taxpayers know if this is the true cost of the upgrades and renovations.

Let’s have some transparency here. Publish the bids for the work. Show the taxpayers what they are paying for. Is it really going to cost $20 million for the repairs and upgrades? Are there plans to include repairs for the other schools? Computer upgrades? New books and instructional materials? Trade classes? Or are there plans to use some of the money for non-essential programs? Pay for PERS? Salaries?

A spreadsheet outlining how the money is going to be spent would go a long way to show that the $20 million is being spent wisely and to alleviate some of the concerns. The voters are the people who need to have these answers.

Annette Vanassche


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