Whether you voted for Trump or not, he has committed illegal acts.

He has obstructed justice, which was revealed in the Mueller Report. He is fighting the full unredacted report being made available to the congressional oversight committees or that Mueller testify before Congress. He doesn't want us to know of the hostile interference by Russia in our 2016 election that got him into office.

“No collusion,” he states, yet Russia, it has been shown, helped Trump get elected, and he welcomed their help. Leaks from Russian hacking into the Democratic National Committee were weaponized and disseminated from the Trump campaign to the public.

Russians attacked actual voting machines systems, which is part of an ongoing investigation, and yet congressional Republicans surrounding Trump are protecting him for one reason only — they're clinging to power. Our nation was made by people who wanted to do away with absolute power resting in the head of state — the king.

His attacks on our nation's institutions and international agreements have left us vulnerable and despised. He pulled us out of the Paris Agreement, which aims to reduce global warming; he pulled us out of the agreement with Iran on nuclear development and is now positioning us for starting a war with Iran; he has refused joining nearly every country in the world in a legally binding framework to reduce plastic pollution; he has weakened our environmental regulations to the point we are seeing a rise in health problems due to contaminated air; and he has locked up children in pens, away from their families, many without a trace for reuniting them. Over 2,000 children remain in prison camps.

He and Mike Pence talk about praying to God, but it must be another kind of God. Would Jesus have done these things?

Susan Applegate


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34 Guilty pleas, convictions or indictments from the Mueller investigation. Many with direct ties to Trump. There are more than a dozen other investigations and lawsuits looking into the President, his businesses, his family and his associates.

How can you still support this obvious con man?


But but what about her emails Hahahaha if he’s innocent he should have nothing to worry about. Just scream no collusion no obstruction a little louder maybe investigate Hillary Clinton another 10 times to find nothing. Republican snowflakes


I spent four years in the military service doing my small part for you to have the right to express your opinion, even if it's wrong


How were you protecting the writers freedom of speech and from who in your military service?


This letter makes me really fear for the Democrat mind-set. Are they so out-of-touch that they cannot (or will not) accept the truth. The Mueller Report was a thorough UN-obstructed investigation which proved NO collusion or obstruction. A person cannot obstruct a non-crime.


The ONLY person the President is required to show the Mueller report to is the AG. The complaints about not being available to Congress is hogwash. The DEMS have committed egregious illegal acts throughout their history, and continue to do so today. The reason for the Mueller report is BECAUSE of their illegal attempt to discredit Trump in favor of Hillary's election results. You have bought a bowl of mush my friend.

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