I think most Americans would agree that it is the responsibility of our national government to solve national problems. Right now we have three urgent national problems — a pandemic, an economic crisis and a racial injustice crisis.

For months, the news headlines have been dire, the statistics shocking and the mounting concern of experts alarming. But the White House response has been inadequate. Although thousands of Americans continue to die by the day, the president has prematurely declared success in combating COVID-19.

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and thousands of farmers and small business owners have gone bankrupt, but Republicans refuse to supply sufficient government aid to stave off a depression. Meanwhile, Trump crows about the soaring stock market as if average Americans have fat investment portfolios to tide them over through hard times.

New stories of unarmed black men being killed by police emerge almost weekly and Black Lives Matter protests continue across the country. The president has tried to rebrand this racial injustice crisis as a law-and-order issue and has characterized the average Americans participating in the BLM movement as “thugs” and “anarchists.”

These government failures are affecting all of us. Americans are hurting and afraid. But instead of working to solve these crises, Trump ignores them, attempts to hide their severity, or actively exacerbates them. He redirects blame onto China, Democrats, protesters, or even the victims of violence themselves. Bizarrely, he and his allies have even tried to blame Joe Biden for the current chaos under his administration.

President Trump is looking out only for his reelection, not for the good of America. Republicans are minimizing the pandemic, abandoning those in economic distress, and stoking violence to improve their chances for reelection. Another four years of this administration would only bring us more chaos

Vote Biden.

Susan Escobar


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The feckless "leaders" (Wheeler and Brown) are to blame for the violence in Portland. They've had WEEKS to stop it, and have done nothing....now, the violence is coming to them. When they get shot, beat up, or burned out of their homes, the violence will stop - until then, they figure it's just fine for everyone ELSE to suffer.


Sounds like a threat of physical harm to me.


This article is a blatant Liberal rant and you should be ashamed, but Liberals are never ashamed.


Typical Republican reply!


It is likely I would have voted for President Trump again to be re-elected to a second term had it not been for coronavirus. Every nation’s leadership faced the same coronavirus pandemic as President Trump. Most showed real leadership with empathy for the people lost to the disease. However, unlike most national leaders, President Trump took a gamble during an election year to ignore his medical advisors and reopen our country before it had the disease under control. President’s Trump’s gamble backfired. Literally, thousands died because of it. Out of 214 countries, the United States currently has the 11th highest per capita death rate. The U.S. ranks number 2 for countries with populations over 70 million. It’s hard to point to a country that has addressed the pandemic worse than the U.S.

This scenario might have been entirely different had it not been a presidential election year. We’ll never know for sure, but I like to think had it been any other year, President Trump may have heeded his medical advisors advice and kept the country shut down until coronavirus was contained, especially if he thought there was enough time afterwards to heal the economy before the next election. But that’s not what happened. President Trump’s gamble backfired and he was forced to resort to a law and order re-election platform in absence of a healthy economy, fanning flames of discontent in order to be re-elected.

Coronavirus was good in one way. It showed us the true character of Donald Trump. Before coronavirus, most Americans were embarrassed by President Trump’s twitter rants, frequent lies and past mistreatment of women. We worried about his cozying up to enemy dictators and angering our allies. But we were willing to overlook a lot of those worrisome issues and forgive him because unlike other politicians before him, President Trump was keeping many of his pre-election promises. Yet, what coronavirus exposed was President Trump’s black heart.

Coronavirus illuminated that President Trump was more worried about increasing the number of coronavirus cases than the lives of Americans held offshore on a coronavirus contaminated cruise ship. When it was painfully obvious how unprepared the U.S. was for the pandemic, President Trump lied about testing, PPE and treatments. Rather than take responsibility like a true leader, President Trump sought to distance himself from blame for his backfired bet by pawning responsibility to local Governors. Most noticeable, President Trump exhibited little or zero sympathy for Americans who were, and still are, dying by the thousands from coronavirus.

Having failed to address coronavirus, President Trump’s new re-election platform is to fan the flames of contention. It has been decades since Americans have witnessed this level of upheaval in our society. It’s scary how political extremists from both parties are being encouraged by our President, something not seen under previous Presidents, something I’ve not seen in my lifetime, something that is occurring DURING Trump’s Presidency. It’s frightening. And thanks to coronavirus, we now know what kind of man Donald Trump truly is, a man who claims to care about America, but doesn’t care about Americans.


You are a liar. You are a Democrat and would have never voted for the president. I don't expect you to tell the truth because Democrats have no integrity. The president has done the best job he can, with what he has to work with. If it was left up to the Democrats the flights to and from China would have been left open, to kill more Americans.


Another typical Republican response. Empty words. Perhaps you should consider backing up your words with proof?


Proof? Like Biden the hair sniffer calling the president xenophobic for closing travel between China? smh...


You don't know me or anything about me, yet call me a liar. I did indeed vote for Trump during the last election. I admit now that I made a mistake. I won't make the same mistake.



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