Todd Vaughn just him my last nerve. He's a know-it-all kind of guy who believes in plantation forests and aerial spraying over open sources of water that causes cancer. I'm so happy to learn that, just like Trump, he tends to bend the truth to some extent.

Stating that there is a new Democratic-Marxist Party and yes, you better believe we should all beware of Trump — the biggest liar and deceiver of the truth on planet Earth. Then you state mainstream media is the party of propaganda, contrived deception and intentional misinformation.

You are talking about Trump when you say that and the Republican Party made a huge mistake choosing him. Yes, Democratic cities blame Trump, who has been in charge for the last four years. It's Republican voters who are fleeing from the all-inclusive far-right wing evangelical fundamentalist cult, wearing their red Trump hats — the mark of the beast.

Then you twist the words of the Buffalo Springfield song, "For What It's Worth," written in 1967-68. What about Neil Young's song, "Ohio," from the Kent State Massacre in 1970?

"Tin soldiers and Nixon coming/We're finally on our own/This summer I hear the drumming/Four dead in Ohio."

Eleven students wounded by Troop G of the Ohio National Guard.

"Gotta get down to it/Soldiers are cutting us down/Should have been done long ago/ One of you knew her and found her dead on the ground/How could you run when you know."

Who are you going to criticize next? Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Pete Segar, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Joanie Mitchell, James Taylor, Carol King, Judy Collins, Richie Havens, Simon & Garfunkel, Jackson Brown?

Biden knows how to heal this country and stretch out an olive branch across the aisle. Go Biden.

Gretchen Head

Myrtle Creek

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Reading these comments Ms Head, you can see clearly that Mr. Vaughan is not the only one delusional. Unbelievable that one could refer to themselves as a "Constitutional Conservative" and comment that President Trump has been successful. Donald Trump has done more to undermine our Democratic Republic and it's Constitution than any President since Andrew Jackson (Trump's favorite former President). His attack on the Dept of Justice and in collaboration with William Barr is alone one of the most vial and destructive acts by any President.






Just go to this link and really listen....just listen to the whole thing...and then make an informed decision....


[censored] Do you really believe someone like Biden can help this country? Please he can't do anything. He was in office for 8 years with another worthless president and didn't do anything. He has been in politics for how long? No changes from him. I may not like Trump personally, but he is far better than allowing Biden in office. The democrats are nothing but scanadlists,lying people who think they are above the law. We Americans need to fight for what is right, and until the democrats can actually help us and not put is against one another there is no place for them!


I am amazed that the News Review uploaded this trash. This person is obviously delusional and in serious need of medication! As a Constitutional Conservative Trump is much more than I could've hoped for. His strong pro-life stance is refreshing. He is an absolute patriot, loves law enforcement and the military and wants to make sure we stay a sovereign nation through having a strong border.

The reason the writer and so many of her ilk are unhinged about this president is because they hate America. They say they love it, but they only "love" what they want it to be under an insane Liberal utopia. The Left hates God and have been hyper focused on having him erased from society. They hate the nuclear family as seen in their relentless attack on manhood and anything masculine. And, their drive to usurp parental responsibility through government overreach. This person is sick and is obviously twisted by the mental illness known as Liberalism. Their opinion should be not only disregarded by us, they should be exposed for their utter hate of the American way of life.




Did you seriously say President Trump loves law enforcement and the military? You mush have not seen recent headlines about Trumps quote that "Americans who died in war are 'losers' and 'suckers.'" He called John McCain a "loser" for being a prisoner of war.

Why don't you ask the folks in the military how loved they feel.


Of course you would believe that dribble.... Bolton just came out and said he never heard it or it would've been in his book. It is a Leftist fabrication.


Because John Bolton didn't hear it, doesn't mean it didn't happen. Even FOX news is confirming that it happened. Nevertheless, if you believe what Bolton said about this particular issue is true, then I suppose that you believe everything else that Bolton wrote in his book is true.


Do you really believe what the media says? Do some actual "fair" fact checking.


What do you call fair fact checking? Are you saying fact checking that makes you "feel good"? It's easy to say fake news when it doesn't resonate how you feel.


Your "Real Man" wouldn't get out of the service with fake bone spurs.

Your "Real Man" would fess up to his tax evasions.

You, Mr. apostolic, are pretty much the definition of hate, and I think your head must be somewhere dark, moist and smelly.


I have a feeIing it's Ms. ApostoIic, not Mr. They seem to be channeIing Mrs. Conway.


mworden is breaking all kinds of Leftist rules! First of all your Leftist masters wouldn't appreciate your usage of binary gender terms, neither would they like your obvious minimization of women. You should do a better job of channeling your inner SJW.


Pray for TroIIs. Even they deserve mercy and compassion.


Pray? What do you know about prayer? You can't vote Democrat and be a Christian, so I don't know who you're praying to.


ApostoIic, I hope you are safe and comfortabIe whiIe so many of our neighbors are facing evacuation. This might be a good time to review Epistle of St. Paul the Apostle to the Ephesians. AppIying Ephesians in daiIy Iife heIps Christians present a more consistent witness to the hand of God in our Iives as weII as protecting us from the divisions and quarreIs that have pIagued so many communities throughout history. But a Democrat wouIdn't appreciate that, wouId they


Wow, you are something else! Calling others names. Only people who call others names know they are on the loosing team. Shows true colors. God, save our Country!


Names like Sleepy Joe, Pocahontas, Nasty Woman, Wacky John Bolton, Low Energy Jeb, Lyin' Texas Ted, Jeff Flakey, Phoney Kamala, Little Marco....etc etc etc.

Yep. Only people who call others names know they are on the losing team.


How about this post you made cheryl - Joe is a pedafile. And you want someone who is a master as a Pedafile running our Country. And someone who supports the violence? Wow!"


You are frequently calling people names in your posts. God save your sanity.

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