This is in response to, "Trump is committing Illegal acts," which ran in The News-Review on May 23.

1. Robert Mueller said in his report there is nothing in his investigation that showed actionable facts that would prove obstruction. Additionally, Trump had the legal right to fire both James Comey and Mueller for cause. Comey for leaking confidential information to the press, and for covering up the Hillary investigation results with regard to  immunity from prosecution. Mueller for stacking his team with Hillary supporters and Democrats.

2. Our own intelligence community stated with regard to Russian interference in our 2016 election, "It is unknowable if the Russians had any influence with our election". Additionally I would like to point out that the United States does not have a stellar record of noninterference with the elections in other countries so that these are chickens that have come home to roost. Iran, Chile, Cuba, Venezuela, all of Central America are a few that come to mind.

3. If your worried about King Trump, don't. Myself and about 20 million other veterans will not allow that to happen.

4. The "Paris Climate Accord" has turned into a complete sham, with most of the world reneging on their pledges. China and most of the rest of the world are continuing to increase carbon emissions for the last 12 years. The USA had the most significant reduction in carbon emissions between 2006 and 2016, according to the BP Carbon Emission Report for 2017. Nothing we do at this point will have any effect on the end result. China, India, Russia, Africa, Asia, Central and South America continue to increase emissions every year.

5. You cannot know what is in Trump and Pence's heart. But their supporters believe they are doing what they said they would do.

William Miller


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Excellent letter, William Miller (et al). Good points, all. While I support the policies of this president, on the issues that confront us today (both nationally and internationally), my one concern is the point you bring up in item #3. And your answer is right on.

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