I’m a visitor from Wisconsin who attended Roseburg’s art and craft fair last Saturday and wanted to make a few comments that might help future turnouts.

First and foremost, it was counterproductive to all concerned to charge a five-dollar admission. The organizers are already charging vendors rent and perhaps taking a percentage of their sales, so why drive down the number of potential shoppers and art enthusiasts by charging at the gate? Not only did it not make sense from a bottom line standpoint, but it was sad to watch a young family with a stroller and another small child in-tow fork over twenty-one bucks just to get in — in order to spend more of their hard-earned money.

Next year you might want to start over with people who know more about art fairs and community events and less about taking unfair advantage of a business opportunity. That said, I thought the artists were top-notch and food was some of the best.

Will Gilmore

Madison, Wisconsin 

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Jeneen Hartley

Hello Will! I am delighted to hear that you attended the Umpqua Valley Arts Association's (UVAA) Summer Arts Festival this year. This year was our 51st year of coordinating the event for folks throughout Douglas County and beyond. The annual event is UVAA's main fundraiser for the year bringing in thousands of dollars to help the organization operate arts education, gallery exhibits, and arts-related programs throughout our community throughout the year. The event's gate sales are a major source of income for the event allowing the visiting artists and vendors to profit individually from their sales and allowing UVAA to book musical acts for all to enjoy. I hope you and your family enjoyed your time at the Arts Festival and here in Umpqua Valley. We look forward to seeing you this way again!


Around here you have to pay for entrance to everything....the Christmas Fair is bad, too....even though the vendors (booths) pay exorbitant fees...

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