There have been some recent articles written on the reasons for hate. I am a firm believer that there is a root source for it. The Great Physician’s diagnosis of the condition of humanity is bleak: All are sinners without exception. This description is not just of the “bad guys”, but of you and me as well. The Bible says none seeks after God. Romans 3:23, says that we all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God. People tend to compare themselves with others, but ultimately we need to compare ourselves with God. People tend to try and justify their actions but if you’re really honest, none of us is without sin. Every believer was chosen solely by grace, completely because of God’s unmerited, undeserved, unearned favor.

Lack of forgiveness is usually a huge problem that leads to bitterness. This deepens the wound. Unfortunately, we will form trigger points to our wounds and tend to build up walls of self protection as a result.

Our society, I believe, is in a sad state of spiritual warfare. The unseen world is the main source of confusion, along with mankind’s self-centered desire for control. I’m not pointing fingers at anyone in particular, because the reality of life is what we feed our minds on will have a positive or negative outcome. My hope is that the veil of spiritual darkness would be torn down so we can really be set free. I know that not everyone believes that there’s a God of the universe, and that’s a choice we all must make. Our choices do have consequences.

In closing, I hope that the walls of indifference would be torn down and we could strive for more workable solutions.

Gary Oilar


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