What an absolute pity that the value of a human life is reduced to numbers. It's $2 million to murder children, according to a recently printed editorial, verses $19 million to raise healthy children for low income women.

In a health care system that spends billions on adults, including taking care of the same low-income women for general health care because they can't afford it, what a shame that those same women can't choose to abstain from sex rather than murder their children at their convenience.

Perhaps the state wants the money to go to the illegal aliens that come across our borders who also can't afford health care in our Oregon sanctuary cities.

Package it anyway you want to, abortion is murder, and that is wrong. Measure 106 is not about military or other functions, but it is about abortion. Tax payers should absolutely have the right to not fund it. It is a specific measure.

Michael Stubblefield


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