Wake up America

Recently another American veteran patriot took his own life in our county. A few tears shed by friends and family, a military funeral and honor given, and then, all is forgotten.

With all of the petty bickering and name calling and violence being thrown out by groups like ANTIFA, Cair, and others. With all the divisive rhetoric being spewed out by all political parties and politicians from both sides, any person with an ounce of common cense should see that all of this divisiveness and name calling, rioting and backstabbing was made possible by America’s veterans and their sacrifice they have made.

Americans are so spoiled and have so much that they have forgotten how they came to this place of entitlement. It was solely on the blood, personal sacrifice and lives of the volunteer soldier of the American military.

The world continues to shun and despise our country and military, but it continues to send its poor and continues to beg for whatever it wants from our country.

America is not the breadbasket of the world. America is not the world’s adoption agency. America is not the world’s whipping boy. America is not the playground of it’s own homegrown bullies and thugs. America can, and must change the path she is being led down by the evil socialist monster growing inside its borders.

America was founded on old-fashioned values, hard work, compromise and sheer tenacity. This time has come again to our country. Time to go back to work America. Our country is crying for our help.

Everyone can make a difference — but few will step out, many will reap those benefits of the few, just like America’s humble beginning.

Wake up America. Before it’s too late.

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Good grief, is your intent to actually blame the military for keeping the U.S. FREE to enjoy their First Amendment rights? Are you actually in favor of groups like the Proud Boys, America's "homegrown bullies and thugs", fostering and encouraging Fascism those same Veterans fought and died to eradicate from Europe? Do you not understand that you too are a Socialist? Why are you rallying against Socialism when all people collecting Social Security are Socialists? Anyone who drives on our streets and over bridges are Socialists. Anyone who visits a library or is required to appear before a judge is a Socialist. Anyone who enjoys a county or state park is a Socialist. We live in a Socialist society, one which provides those same fundamental niceties that make our lives easier to navigate. It's only groups like the Proud Boys and other Fascist hate groups who have led you to believe that Socialism is now the Evil Enemy and ultimately only for gaining attention to what should be apparent to all. Hate Groups thrive for only one reason, to create hate. Has fostering hate working for you, making your life better for you? Who sounds spoiled now?


Maybe another great depression is what we need to get people to appreciate what this great country has to offer. Land of the free and home of our brave.

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