What is going on with our elected county officials? Unethical practices are being alleged whether they are closed door hearings, favoritism with friends who have become elected officials or other acts of corruption toward the workforce.

Why should the taxpayers have to pay for insubordination by elected officials of the current or past? The costs should be incurred by those who are not following proper procedure.

Maybe we need a ballot measure to be voted upon by the citizens to hold all elected officials financially liable for their acts of stupidity so that the taxpayers do not have to assume that liability.

It's time to wake up Douglas County.

George Weston

Myrtle Creek

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Sounds like it boils down to greed and looking out for number one (I was under the misguided impression that the people that elected the commissioners were number one). Bet we wouldn't have many people trying for these positions if they were volunteer positions.


I say we make the county commissioners a NON PAID volunteer position, just like the Roseburg city councilor job.....

It's not like we are paying these guys for their brilliance or anything... just being real, One guy owns a tire shop, another owns a gas station and the other one ones owns a portrait studio.... and I would bet that the county commissioner job is the MOST LUCRATIVE JOB that most of them ever had!

From what I understand, the county commissioners get paid 80K per year (times 3 commissioners) plus all they can steal! They all got their offices remodeled at a cost of over $500K to the taxpayers and freeman requested then got a new truck once he got elected!

I bet that $240K+ in wasted salary would have hired MORE THAN A FEW librarians, dont you?


I know that I am going to vote way different next election. No more party lines for me.

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