I applaud George Weston's letter in the May 10 edition of The News-Review and his focus on the issue of the lack of growth in Douglas County.

Community leaders are failing us by maintaining apathy towards growing our county. The people that are responsible for promoting healthy development in Roseburg and all outlying rural areas of Douglas County remain in public office, despite their lack of leadership.

The problem is, exactly as Mr. Weston indicates, our leaders do not work to grow the tax base within our community. Growth would mean more people and businesses paying taxes, an increase in labor for construction, more people shopping in local stores, etc.

We cannot afford the services that we have grown accustom to if we have not previously built a tax base to pay for these services. We only have law enforcement officers if we have taxes to pay them. Another service we want to keep is school funding, where our children are counting on us for the best education.

We need people and businesses to move here, to build here, hire here and pay taxes here so that we have more money spent here — then we can afford to keep and improve on those things which are of importance to us.

Let’s take a look at what is required for growth and look to our leaders to make it happen; so, we don’t have to live in a possible “ghost” town because our leaders are not forward-looking. We should choose wisely and protect our beautiful county, but grow we must.

Perhaps it is time to overhaul the three seat Douglas County Commission to five, or even seven, seats. We need new voices at the table, not the same tired excuses year after year.

DC Phillips

Myrtle Creek

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I wrote many LTTE suggesting that Douglas County have 5 Commissioners - and each has to come from a separate district - not just Roseburg....like north to Drain, and south to Glendale, east to Glide and west to Camas Valley...

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