Concerning the straw law, I would like to remind everyone that for several decades, we only knew paper straws were available. They have now disappeared and we're flooding the environment with plastic throwaways, straws being a pretty measurable portion.

Let's get back to recyclables such as paper. Might actually help the pulp industry as well.

On the larger view, we continually see politicians giving us alternate solutions for environmental impacts that only impact the environment in a different way, not resolve the issue. The plastics industry really needs to be phased out or we're all going to suffer as microfiber permeates the entire food chain and all future generations — potentially the entire human race will be negatively effected.

This little local law is just another proof that health and well-being only relates to economic income. We are proving that we couldn't care less about human life. It's unfortunate, but our actions speak volumes.

How about paper straws, darn it.

Karl Ridenour


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