How did Douglas County get to this point?

This letter is in regards to the reduced budget to the county’s law enforcement and I am sure that others will be impacted as well.

What got us here? Could it be that the surplus that the county has been relying on for years is nearly depleted? The surplus has been going down for the last quarter-century due to timber revenues going down.

Who have been the elected officials who have overseen this during this timeframe? It would be fair to say that it has been mostly business owners. Why haven’t these leaders been trying to attract new business and industry into Douglas County in order to grow the tax base? Could it be that they do not like competition?

Douglas County hasn’t really grown that much in attracting new business. When a new business considers the Roseburg area, there is a whole lot of doomsayers that fight to keep them out. Remember Costco, Walmart — they were just two of these. Maybe the Roseburg Valley Mall had to deal with this as well. We have a business in this county, the only one along Interstate 5, that is trying to prevent like businesses from opening in Oregon. What are all of these businesses afraid of? Could it be competition?

I remember when I-5 was being built and a lot of the small businesses that were part of Highway 99, were whining about it taking away from their business. I don’t know about you, but I would rather travel to Portland via I-5 than Highway 99. It cuts the travel time in half.

If we don’t grow the tax base just be prepared for reduced services or sticker shock when you open your property tax bills in the future. If they had slowly raised taxes, we wouldn’t be facing this problem now.

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