It’s amazing to watch the Trump-phobia and try to rationalize what is really behind it. The cries of “he’s not my president” or “he’s not a legitimate president” rings out as their battle cry. But let’s look at the facts.

The electoral college was set up so that all states would have a say in who was elected and wouldn’t be controlled by just major municipalities.

This is just the opposite in Oregon where three major municipalities control the state.

Next the Democrats want to blame Russia. They don’t want to accept the fact that their candidate lost. So who then is responsible for Trump being elected?

The answer is simple — The Democratic and Republican parties!

People were tired of the same old top-down governing and wanted change and hope.

The economy is in shambles, the national debt has tripled and the past administration showed no concern about addressing it as it ran up close to $90 million on vacations and personal travel in eight years in office.

Our foreign policy has become a failure as we draw lines in the sand and then stand back and watch as they are washed away. We turn our backs on some of our greatest allies in the Middle East and make a pact with a country whose battle cry is “Death to America.”

Now come the protests. Is this the new face of the Democratic Party? Is this what is to be expected from now on, the destruction of property, assaulting people who disagree with them and creating mayhem.

The problem here isn’t that they think Trump will fail. The real problem is that they are scared to death that he will succeed and they will lose the control that they have enjoyed. There is no other explanation for their behavior.

Bill Duckett



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Does that mean the Cliton or Obama were not my Presidents just because I didn't vote for them or like their policies? Be a graceful loser and work to change legally what you don't like. Play by the rules.

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