Amazing. That's all I can say after reading the articles regarding the Roseburg High School head volleyball coach.

First, to correct the board chairman, there are numerous "policies in district" (coaches handbook), as well as out of district, with the OSAA certifications required to coach. I was a certified trainer, so I do know the rules and requirements to coach in Oregon.

Second, how, after two investigations, only superintendent faults noted, does the same faulted individual decide not to renew a coach that both high school administrators approved? What grounds did he use to arrive at this decision? Six parents opinions rather than his colleagues?

When a large group appeared at the recent board meeting supporting this coach, the board claimed they could not intervene, as they only make the policies. Then, they claimed it was the superintendent’s job to oversee these policies and make decisions in the operations of the district, which left their hands tied, as they did not want to second guess the superintendent.

All of this is the board's responsibility. The administrator, the board’s own hand-picked representative who is supposed to ensure the policies are followed,  did not. Two reports agreed.

I have asked the board the following question before, when dealing with unfair smears from an administrator: “If the Administrators do not do their jobs, who oversees them?” The only response I received was a letter from the district's attorney telling me not to attend any meeting and bring up any personnel issues or I would have a trespass placed on me to be handled by the law. I see the same question is being asked again.

In closing, I would like for one board member to actually ask the question in a public meeting and allow all to discover who is actually overseeing the administrators.

Michael Ayers


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