Why we don’t support Trump

Trump supporters find it difficult to understand why the “Democratic Camp” is against the current POTUS, Donald J. Trump. I’d like to share a couple of reasons that may help them understand our point of view.

Probably the most glaring reason is Trump is an embarrassment to this nation. Not only has he committed gaffes in front of world leaders (and even in front of our armed forces!), but he has stood in front of his adoring fans at rallies and:

  • Disrespected women
  • Encouraged violence against non-supporters
  • Demeaned African-Americans, Mexicans, Muslims, and other minority groups
  • Referred to several nations as “shit-hole” countries
  • Defended white nationalists
  • Mocked a crippled man
  • Defamed a prisoner of war (after his death!)
  • Supported a politician accused of sexual misconduct
  • Labeled his opponents as “bad people” (or even criminals)
  • Called high-ranking officials by kindergarten names

One of the other reasons is he lies. Often it’s because he’s defending himself against news media comments, but more often it’s because he simply does not know how government works. You may say, well, he’s not a politician and that’s why we like him. Fine. That’s your prerogative. But when a person holds the highest position in this nation, h/she damn well better have a clue on how it operates before making statements of fact.

Finally, while it remains to be seen whether Trump is guilty of the many charges of malfeasance leveled against him, his constant tweets containing accusations and insults against others are reminiscent of a school yard bully. It would be far more “presidential” to remain silent and allow the system to work. Especially if he is innocent.

Bottom line. It’s as much about how the country is run as it is the individual who’s running it.

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