It’s frustrating when you cannot lead someone to your conclusion. The left cannot understand why the right is for Trump. The right cannot understand why the left is so vehemently against him. No amount of pleasant discourse or acrimonious bickering is going to engender a group hug.

As a person on the left of the Trump divide, I have many reasons for holding the Biden/Harris placard high in hand this November, including Trump’s predilection for criminal behavior, lying (over 20,000 lies so far, according to The Washington Post), sexual predation and infidelity, hypocrisy, low-integrity flip-flopping, misogyny, xenophobia, indecency, unjust enrichment, unwarranted juvenile expressions of contempt, promise-breaking, tax obfuscation and coverup, championing fake news, cheating at everything (even golf), Twittering the United States into global embarrassment and scandal, and highly consequential apathy in the days of COVID-19.

However, I want to just point out one incontrovertible (and often demonstrated) disqualifying character flaw: Trump’s egregious ignorance. Just as knowledge shapes us, so does ignorance. About history, about government, about current affairs.

In fact, as a self-proclaimed “student of history,” our incurious president fails over and over again to pass History 101. Frederick Douglass is alive and doing an amazing job. You pay $12 a year for health insurance. Andrew Carnegie invented mass production of steel (sorry, Bessemer). The late Rep. John Lewis was all talk and no action. Andrew Jackson pondered the Civil War in anger (and in dirt). You have to press a dishwasher twelve times to get four drops of water. And so on ad nauseam.

If the functional illiterate that is our president wants his visage on Mount Rushmore, he needs to hurry up and do many great things before his term expires, including and at least reading a few books on history, world government, political science, remedial communication and plumbing.

Bradford Connatser


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Another delusional article. Meanwhile, back in reality Joe the hair sniffer and his cooky Leftist running mate are going to get thrashed. What I don't understand is that if you hate our country so much... why don't you leave? Nobody cares about your anti-American opinion, but we are going to enjoy 4 more years of pathetic Liberal tears!


I gotta say, Trump's definitely world class...liar, con man, and conspiracy theorist. How could we even imagine life without him as president.

Donald Trump Judgement Day...November 3rd, 2020.


It's the criminality and corruption that gets to me.

Rick Gates: Convicted.

Paul Manafort: Convicted.

George Papadopoulos: Convicted.

Mike Flynn: Convicted.

Michael Cohen: Convicted.

Roger Stone: Convicted.

Steve Bannon: Arrested.

Donald Trump: Impeached


Only one remaining task...Donald Trump: "You're Fired!"


Heck with history. I just wish he would/could read and understand the daily intelligence reports prepared for him rather than spending his time watching TV and on Twitter.

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