Vote for this Home Rule Charter? Nope. Why not?

1. The Chamber of Commerce opposes and has written at least two news articles explaining why.

2. Two former commissioners oppose it.

3. Our elected sheriff opposes it.

4. Kevin Potter, former Douglas County department head of four separate county departments opposes; he has worked for county at least 32 years.

5. Linda Middlekauff, member of the Douglas County Library Futures Task Force, opposes and wrote a guest column presenting many reasons why.

6. The governor, Kate Brown, will appoint at least one commissioner. (She must have a list of qualified applicants?)

7. The newly hired county manager would be in charge of hiring and firing all county employees.

8. This county manager will be appointed by the five unpaid commissioners. (Sure they will have plenty of time to do this.)

9. The county manager will be accountable only to the commissioners.

10. The county manager will not be accountable to the voters, and cannot be voted out.

11. Voters can only vote for commissioner in their district. (Currently all voters are able to vote for all commissioner applicants.)

12. We can only take our comments, questions, concerns to the commissioner in our voting district. (Others wouldn't have time or knowledge of all districts?)

13. The first election for the remaining two commissioners will be in November 2018?

I have read the proposed charter at least twice; each time I question how it was placed on the ballot with no public input. This will change our county government drastically. It's hard to imagine how it could possibly be implemented in a timely way.

Please read the proposed Home Rule Charter. If you don't like our commissioners, vote them out, start a group to study Home Rule Charters. Don't give away our freedoms.

Judy Weaver


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Let's just keep things the way they are. We are so proud of this area. With a video on u-tube showing our elected rep. allegedly masterbating. A former mayor who is a child sex perv. I am so proud to call the area home. We don't want to change a thing in this good old boys club.


I believe the premise to be sound - but the way this was written is not. It would be nice to have more control over representation and salaries - however, this is a very bad way to go about it.


Very well written and thought out!!!!! The Home Rule charter would be bad for Douglas County and bad for business. Vote no

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