There has been a lot of controversy about global warming ever since Al Gore's scare book on climate change and all our coastal cities being under water by 2004. Your article ("Gray Area," Nov. 5) seems to be adding to Gore's scare tactics.

But let's add some serious scientific information. You have quoted some information from government and university studies, which I would never trust. Who is controlling our national forests here? Government. Why are they so thick with underbrush? Government.

You also did not state how many fires were started by people or lightning strikes, or the acreage by people. Your article said that we have had longer fire seasons since the 1980s. John Casey, a weather scientist, reported in his book, "Dark Winter," that we have had a sun-controlled warming period from 1980s until 2010. Since then, we are now entering a cooling period, which will last about 20 to 30 years. Therefore, before I would scare everyone I would check the statements by scientist other than government and see what the future holds.

Casey suggests you keep your fireplace running well for a while. This could cause a shorter growing season and a lack of good crops, which would mean a food shortage. Here is a quote from Dr. Casey: "Seal pups are heavier this year, polar bears are increasing in population, Antarctica is getting colder, Greenland ice is growing and mountain glaciers have stopped retreating. The sun's radius has shrunk 82 kilos since 1979. There has been a sharp drop in radiation."

Even NASA says there is a major cooling coming. Maybe you should talk about global cooling. Let's get all the facts before we start installing giant windmills around Roseburg. Maybe if we let our timber companies thin out our forests, we wouldn't have the large fires we saw this year. How about using real scientists.

Chuck Stuermer


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Suzan Mesik

Clearly, Chuck is wishfully hoping that global warming will just go away. He completely ignores the real science. I'm not going to go into it here, it is readily available. I am never disappointed in the self-serving ignorance of my fellow citizens.


Quote “information from government and university studies, which I would never trust”.
Sir, your lackof trust baffles me. Yes, the “guvmint” has not always been truthful. That can be said for most of our acquaintances and family members. The way out of perpetual distrust is EDUCATION, worldly experience and commitment to serve our society and country free from “them” vs “me” mentality. They are not out to get you. If they were, you’ll be the first to know. They knock.

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