Forest management kept wildfires from destroying our state until the late '80s/early '90s, when people who had never lived here and/or didn't understand how the logging industry works started changing the rules.

Oregon lost its economy, families lost their livelihoods, and more damage has been done by wildfires in the last 20 years than the logging industry would have ever done in 100.

For every one tree logged, three more were planted in its place. Underbrush was cleared out, logging roads were easily accessible for getting to the fires if one started. There were people on the logging sites who spotted the fires long before they became out of control. Environmentalists were so worried about saving an owl or a snail that they have successfully killed our economy and wildlife, and managed to destroy this beautiful state with wildfires that are inaccessible and can't be controlled because of unmanaged forests and wild lands.

Someone explain to me how changing the way Oregon logging was run made things better? We are choking on smoke, we have a fire burning that is larger than the largest city in our state. Thousands of acres are going up in flames. So to our state reps and Gov. Kate Brown, what are you going to do to make this better? Maybe rethinking how our forest lands are managed would be a good start.

Shelly Collins


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***Collins. Either you know and understand logging, or did some studying. I say you know it personally. Logging has become so controlled, the enviros should back off and relax. That owl with spots, has been seen in second growth fir and in Xmas tree farms in Washington state. How can an owl tell the difference from a 150 year old fir and one that is a 50 year old second growth? It cannot. As for the Gov, she is just a Lib/Dem that knows absolutely nothing about logging. All they care about, is cutting timber jobs and then raising taxes on everything they can. She has no clue to the difference between logging and the contractors that cut the statehouse mansion lawns she lives in as the Gov. Hopefully she will be exiled from this state in the Gov race.


What a true and heart felt statement, obviously written by someone who knows and cares.

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