I am very concerned about the recent removals of historic war memorials and historical names on buildings. Why are we looking back? Why are they wanting to remove our history? Isn't this what the Taliban and ISIS have done?

It seems to me that this is a concerted effort to change education in America to conform to a certain group's ideas. This is very dangerous, I think. It may not effect us now, but it will in 10 years, when books are changed and new monuments go up of so-called leaders like Obama, Malcolm X, etc.

This is not a race war, it is securing our country's history as is. So remember who is encouraging the removal at election time. All patriotic citizens should be fearful of what is behind this new movement. You cannot change history but you can change the future. That is the solution; not tearing down our history and saying how bad they all where.

The U.S has learned by its mistakes. If they hadn't, we would still have slaves. A lot of these distinguished gentlemen served our country and were honored with naming buildings after them at our colleges. So let's focus on what they did, not what the political climate was back in the day. So all of us need to pay attention to what the underlying reasons are and stop it before it is too late. Nobody is free of sin and regrets. Let's don't keep punishing.

James Stanley


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There are no memorials to Hitler in Germany even though he is part of their history. There are memorials for his victims. This is not hard.


Chuyên cho thuê trang phục Hằng Nga, trang phục Chị hằng, Chú cuội giá rẻ


***Oh, how cute. Vietnamese or Cambodian? You might want to check your keyboard keys and use English letters and words next time.


The current culture is telling us that if somebody did something bad then we should get rid of all trace of that person? Bill Cliton lied under oath and sexually exploited a barely legal young lady (she wasn't even 21 at the time). Should we storm his presidential library and tear that down too?


****Good one Mogie. But Billy is a left winger and the lefties are ok with what he has done. And do not forget his trips to his friend's private island (the child molester) where it was reported to be crammed full of girls under 18.


hkj there were some people recently in the south who ripped down a Robert E. Lee statue. Many people throughout this country applauded this act with gusto. Robert E. Lee was a racist traitor. Saddam Hussein was a brutal murderous dictator (although that didn't matter to Ronald Reagan or Donald Rumsfeld in the 80's). I don't see any difference. Each bad for humanity.


Why aren't the oh-so-concerned Environmentalists screaming at our Governor for literally ignoring these fires that have burned almost everything in this state???


***Rise. Enviros are pretty much all left leaners like the Gov, so they have no problems with her management style. Go read about the Brookings fire at currypilot.com. Read all the back stories over the last 2 weeks and then see if you are even more upset.


I agree with you 100%! George Orwell's novel 1984 hit the nail on the head for what is happening to our country. No one was to know any history and books were constantly re-newed to reflect the present. It was to keep people ignorant about their past. No one wanted to reveal that there were better times in the past! Our society is becoming like that, total government control, loss of first amendment rights...and, of course, monuments that reflect the history and heritage of the past!


***Stanley. Boy, did you nail it right on. The Taliban and ISIS, if they do not like something, they tear it down. That is exactly what the left is doing. They are shoving their convoluted ideals down our throats. It is the same sick group in Portland, that says we need to be loving and understanding, while they set fires, disrupt traffic, run around throwing things at police and as yesterday on tv, standing there with clenched fists, masks and sticks yelling at people. Those are mostly the ones that want conflict, but they are also in the groups that start the protests and do nothing to get rid of them.


Please note James that the American military pulled down the statue of Saddam Hussein and so many people in America thought this was a great thing.


Our military acted at the request of the Iraqi people, they also applauded the action with gusto

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