Some opinions don’t agree with others. This said, my opinion regarding our president’s ratings. I totally blame those Republicans in the House, the Senate and Congress for the ratings.

I believe in our president and realize he really wants to help the people in our USA. But the establishment does not care about our people. If they did, they would have done the job, we the people that pay them would get his agenda done. Shame on them.

Darlene Coutts


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Darlene, I agree with you up to a point. The Congress we have now is not effective in bi-partisan legislation and has only shown their interest in legislating their dogma to punish millions of Americans. Their ineffectiveness in not being able to pass any legislation to date only affirms that the separation of Church and State needs to be re-established. However, I have no support for Trump. Trump panders to a core base and ignores the majority of Americans. Trump is for no one but Trump.


That letter is very poorly written. Try using sentences that are complete and convey your message clearly.


Not sure how opinions disagree, however, let’s assume that these opinions are people, now that I would understand.
I am part of the establishment, direct decendant of Mayflower folks, Colonial Wars, War of the American Independence, etc, etc a Vietnam Vet, and I certainly care and want to help my fellow citizens. Let’s be civil to one another and reserve our pronouncements of shame. Anger is not the best refuge.

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