The official report on the Oct. 1, 2015, Umpqua Community College shooting is finally complete, and it is to be hoped that indeed that will be another step in the healing process as one person was quoted as having said in the article in the Sept. 8 newspaper.

However, in reading all of that coverage carefully, I see one aspect that is glossed over. Although we have detailed information on the number and type of weapons the shooter brought to campus with him that terrible day, nowhere is there a mention of how he obtained those weapons.

Were they weapons he purchased himself? If so, were those sales made legally? If not, whose weapons were they and how were they stored? Was there negligence on someone’s part that allowed the shooter to get to and use them?

The District Attorney’s Office has stated that no criminal charges are to be filed, but if the shooter had access to guns he did not purchase legally himself, it seems that someone is to blame for that and should be held accountable.

Prudy Zorotovich


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***Prudy. Maybe the mom did not commit any crimes, but her knowledge of his anger, depression, oddities around the house and way too many guns, are definitely wrong and appear criminal to normal people. She should have done something, but I think she just ignored the signs and maybe was afraid of him. This is so similar to the Sandy Hook killer, as the mom knew of her son's odd behavior and love of guns, but she did nothing. I have crossed paths in my work with many people that have violent issues and the relatives blame society not themselves for whatever happens. Counseling seldom helps, drugs work a little but not 100%. What do you do? And every day from now on, there will be more incidents like this and people and government will have meetings and nothing will happen. Take away the guns, but those same types of people will simply use knives, bats, machetes, or anything to fulfill their sick agendas.


One of the police reports specifically addressed this. All of the guns were purchased legally, and at least one was purchased as part of an exchange where a background check was performed. If you are trying to aportion blame for him having these guns you need to ask his mother why after psychiatric treatment, her being a nurse, and aware of his state of mind, how she let him possess them. Sadly in this case the law, no matter how people want it to change would have prevented this. At some point you will have to realize the fact that gun laws are not primarilly at fault.


Second to last sentence should read: Sadly in this case the law, no matter how people want it to change would NOT have prevented this.


All of the guns were purchased legally by either he or his mother. I believe he even purchased one the week prior to the shooting.

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