Sen. Jeff Kruse appears to have a problem understanding or following wise advice he has been given the last few years. Several years ago, the senator was told by the senate president to stop breaking the law by smoking in his office in a state building. Kruse continued to break that law until Senate President Peter Courtney removed the door to Kruse's office. Evidently, that drastic action did work, as the senator said he no longer smokes in the building.

In 2016, Kruse was told to change the way he interacted with female legislators and state employees as complaints have been made that his actions were objectionable to many. According to the recently released investigation report, the senator made no changes, and last year a formal complaint was brought against him by fellow female legislators. This resulted in Kruse being barred from committees, which seriously affected his ability to be effective as a legislator.

For several weeks, members from both sides of the Legislature, many newspapers throughout the state and others called for Kruse to resign and allow someone to take his place who can better serve the constituents in Senate District 1. Kruse announced last week that he would resign from the senate effective March 15. Meanwhile, the senator is a paid legislator who is not working at the Capitol and is apparently not serving any needs of those of us in his district during this legislative session. 

In April of last year, Kruse, in an interview on a local radio station, remarked that any time he could be out of Salem and home in Roseburg "is a good day." His resignation has made it possible for him to be out of Salem, but he should be out of the Senate immediately. 

Alice Lackey


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Had given Senator Kruse the benefit of the doubt for a long time. Have purchased hay from him for yrs. and other family members.
The videos posted of him groping a colleague were disgusting. He needs to go now...

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