On Sept. 30, I was honored to work along some great people on the Housing the Homeless – Finding Common Ground Summit at the Roseburg Senior Center. It was a productive event with over 50 attendees looking for ways to work with the homeless as well as working to end homelessness. So many in our community understand this is a serious issue that needs more than platitudes and head shaking.

During the event I urged everyone to get involved as best they can and I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what our speaker, Paul Boden, said and what our next step should be. One thing became obvious to me, this will take all of us as a community. Unfortunately, this highlights my frustration that even though they were each sent a personal invitation, only one of our local elected officials responded to this event. I personally mailed invitations to our city councilors, the city manager and our county commissioners. I want to sincerely thank Brian Prawitz for letting me know he wouldn’t be able to attend even though he was very interested.

I also mailed almost 30 invitations to churches in the Roseburg area. I’m not sure if any from their congregations were in the audience, but I do know that not one of them RSVP’d as requested.

Affordable housing, addiction, mental illness and many other issues lead to homelessness, but it will take a community to create a solution. Citizens, community leaders and our elected officials need to work together to create those solutions. Common Ground Coalition of Douglas County will be hosting more of these discussions in the future, and I sincerely hope next time our elected officials will be part of that discussion.

Alana Lenihan

Chair of the Common Ground Coalition of Douglas County

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***Lenihan. I see you have ignored my comments. Why no rebuttal? Was I correct about you only caring a little, not enough to take the homeless into your home? My suggestion to you: You take care of them. I DO NOT care too.


***Lenihan. Wow another coalition, another summit. Kind of like weeds, you chop them down, but more pop up around the first one. Very similar to the so-called homeless, you let one set up a filthy, trash and needle covered camp in the bushes and more will pop up around the first one. You and any of your other followers, are so out of touch with reality. Take yourself into one of those transient camps, alone, if you REALLY care and talk with them. Then take some home with you. If you and your buds, honestly care, you will take some home with you. If you honestly believe they are worth helping then let them camp in your backyard and use your house. BUT you won't, because you are NOT that honestly caring. Those transients are predominately ex-cons, future ex-cons, drug addicts, alcoholics, thieves, burglars, robbers. Here is a test you can do: Go to a transient camp, hold up a hamburger, a six pack of beer and a dime bag of meth. They get one or even two choices. I guarantee 99% will not take the burger. You might not try the meth, but that is their reality. You have no idea what they are really like. AND I know you will not take them home, because you are all talk and no action. YOU say you care, but only to a certain point.


"only one of our local elected officials responded to this event" I would like to know who that elected official is. There appears to be one and one only that cares. So sad that there wasn't a packed house (at least of politicians). Were any of the county commissioners there? After all they get a nice fat salary to pretend that they care.

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