Recent events in Charlottesville, Va., have brought to focus the irrational thinking of those who consider themselves to be “progressive” and tolerant as opposed to the rest of Americans, especially conservatives.

America has a 250-year history since its founding in 1776. Despite some setbacks and growing pains, a civil war and instances of injustice toward some of the human fabric that eventually became an accepted and welcome part of our culture, we nevertheless have a great country.

The monuments and icons currently under attack in the South are part of our country’s history and culture (especially in the South) and were put up to honor the memory of those people who exhibited one or more traits of leadership, courage in battle and honor. Robert E. Lee was one of these so honored for all these traits. The fact that he and others like him fought for the “Confederacy” 150 years ago does not change that nor does the fact that he or others kept slaves, as did Washington and Jefferson. Slavery then and now is an abomination, but it was and is a part of our history, and tearing down statues and burning “rebel” flags does not change that. It just promotes more violence.

Will tearing down the Washington Monument or the Jefferson Memorial be next? Will that satisfy those on the left with this fixation?

Some of the blame for the recent violence in Charlottesville can be placed on the local leadership who should have perceived that allowing the destruction of these monuments would cause a disturbance and give rise to the turmoil and even death.

Then of course (as always) there was the participation of those who seem to show up anywhere there are riots to be involved in. They always seem to be well prepared and ready with professional signs. It makes one question the local spontaneity. Some could even suspect George Soros’s involvement in this mess, “Bless his little heart,” as they say down South.

All the above discussion leads to the main topic of liberal intolerance. Intolerance has become the hallmark of the Progressive Left despite their portraying themselves as the tolerant, compassionate intellectual leaders of our society. Whereas “Conservatives” are portrayed by the left and the media as the intolerant, anti-intellectual, hate-mongering, gun-toting members of our society.

What is interesting and in direct opposition to the claims of the left is the fact that it is the left that is intolerant of any viewpoints other than its own.

They are the ones who block conservative speakers from speaking on campus instead of just not attending or attending and then questioning the speaker’s remarks peacefully. It is the students of the left who are the instigators and main participants of the riots and the ones fighting and disobeying our law enforcement. They are usually identified by the face mask they wear to hide their ID. They are the ones who preach about protecting our environment and then leave their tons of trash to be cleaned up at taxpayers’ expense. They are the ones who beat up people who wear a T-shirt or hat with a logo they don’t like. That’s the left’s idea of tolerance?

The Taliban and other Muslim extremist do much the same when they encounter opposing ideals and people. They tear down ancient temples, throw homosexuals off buildings, and behead people and stone women for whatever crimes they imagine. Thankfully, our progressive liberals have not reached that stage yet. But then, a few years ago, who would have thought some third-rate comedian would hold up a fake severed head of a U.S. president?

The left likes to say: “Can’t we all come together.” Maybe they need to try that themselves, and practice what they preach.

David Sayers of Roseburg is a Vietnam army veteran, a retired business owner and former law enforcement officer.

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Ihope that every dem and lib gets voted out 2018


***Crieghten. Problem is, the major populated areas, Eugene, Corvallis, Portland are predominately Lib/Dems and of course lean their voting that way. The rural areas tend to be Republican, which are harder working, more respectful of their earnings and definitely more in touch with reality. The Dems want their money to help do nothing people with bennies so they will vote Dem.


Before to many citizens get fired up about my little diatribe and start blocking I-5 at exit 126 and create our own mini protest. I have to ask how many of you lived during the 1960's school busing in Los Angles County, California. I did. And, you haven't see such madness until you've seen those students get off the busses. I'd compare that level dislike to what happened in Charlottesville.

We here in South Central Oregon appear to be insulated and many times isolated from the extreme tolerance. And, rightful. We don't have that high of a percentage of citizens that don't look like me, in Douglas County. YA, I'm about to get off topic.

Where I'm heading - I can sympathize with those who attempt to sell their extreme Southern heritage. Because we live in a Free Democracy - or we used to. I believe we are heading down a dangerous path when citizens like the "Clan" and "neo fascist" can't publically march like many liberals do.

Are we beginning to fear ourselves and fail to take a stand when we disagree with citizens (like those protesting along Garden Valley every month by the VA).


***LC. Well said, well thought out.


I truly surprised that this paper would allow such obvious hatred and un-American principals be shared with the community as an "opinion" piece. Siding with Nazism and verbalizing the KKK's talking points has no place in the United States, much less this local media source. The NRT should be ashamed to be promoting such beliefs and the talking points that racists are using to divide our country, and diverting the blame on the individuals with enough sense to stand up for the principals that this country is founded on and stands for.
You'd think a former law enforcement officer and person who served would understand the principals of this country and want to preserve those principals rather than divide the country. It's obvious Mr. Sayers would rather promote his own bigoted views over the principals of our country. Did he do that on the police beat too? Thank God we have true policemen, first responders and armed forces servicemen who uphold the freedoms io this country everyday. True Heros! Especially since Mr. Sayers has just gone on the record that he doesn't stand for freedom and American principals. Freedom always wins Mr. Sayers. You can try your best, but your hatred and bigotry will never defeat the freedoms of this country and its people.


***RoseburgLifer. Since you alluded several times to bigotry, do you even know the meaning? You profess not liking or believing in Mr. Sayers opinion. That is bigotry itself. Makes you a bigot. You refer to Freedom. But you obviously admit that Mr. Sayers should not have the freedom to say what he did. You are saying that certain freedoms should be controlled. You know what that is, right? You also want to control the freedom of the press.......the very press that allowed you to state your opinion. This country has been divided for hundreds of years and will be forever. No one can fix that. You are quick to say Mr. Sayers is full of hatred, but your own words tell us you are full of hatred also. My point to you is, your opinion reminds me of those special patties out in the cattle pasture.


Your bigotry regarding other opinions then your own is showing. If the KKK get the appropriate permits and marches peacefully that is their right. If the black lives matter people want to get a permit and march peacefully that is their right too. But which group is known to be trouble makers and destroy personal and public property?


The slavers are dead. The slaves and the children of slaves who were brought here are all dead. Their progeny remains free in America. If it had not been for slavery, would those who live here now as descendants be living a better life?


***mynamehere. Oui! Something for people to think about. But, it is pretty evident, that those descendants would actually be in their respective countries of origin. And I feel safe in saying, that their lives there would be much worse.


The first slave owner in this country was black. Check it out for yourself.


A curiously meaningless commentary from someone who obviously watches Fox News.


Yep. I wonder if David got his cracker because all he did was parrot the views of Fox News.


***heyjude. And your words are those of someone unable to comprehend and or understand reality. This man has hit truthfulness and factuality dead center. You cannot rebuttal him, because you are exactly what he describes.


Having studied some black history I see where black activist are different today. MLK marched for equality today Al Sharpton speaks of superiority.


Using Al Sharpton as an example from the left is as disingenuous as using David Duke as an example from the right. Both are devisive and neither represents their sides point of view or ideology. Until you realize that you too are part of the problem.


***Al Sharton lives for controversy. Have you ever seen him with any non-black people at his press conferences? If Sharpton flapped his arms and demanded riots, pillaging, killing, you know that his followers would do so. David Duke is so far away from pubic recognition at this point, you became part of the very problem you opine about. Your foot needeth removed from thy mouth.


I posted a comment and it was rejected for profanity. I read it again and failed to see profanity. It was a comment on how naive a person was to think that the tearing down of statues was era related which is totally wrong since black activist want to tear down places like Mt. Rushmore and the Wasshington monument and changing names of a Utah school called Dixie college the area was known as Utahs Dixie due to conditions for raising cotton. No profanity just another C
"Conservative" point of view.


I had to get rid of the "N" word that was a political party in German in the 1930's. Apparently their criteria borders on uber sensitivity.


Wow, not sure I would have added my name or my photo when spewing such vitriol. This kind of rhetoric is useless and contributes nothing for the betterment of human or race relations. From this vantage point the only good it offers is to identify where the bias and ugliness is coming from.

A little more perspective:
"Confederate statues and flags in public places have a specific history, and it starts decades after the Civil War. In fact, the vast majority of them appeared in one of two eras:
"Era One (the 1920s) was after the establishment of Jim Crow segregation laws, a time when lynching was rampant because 'uppity' blacks were not allowed.
"Era Two (1950-65) was the Civil Rights era, when segregation was being challenged by black activists.
"So when you hear about flags and statues coming down, take note of the date given as to how long they had stood. Almost all of them went up in one of these two periods (the Lee statue at the heart of the protests in Charlottesville, VA, went up in 1924; the Confederate Soldier statue toppled by a crowd in Durham, NC, went up in 1925 -- incidentally, the two peak years of the KKK). Know what that means? It means they are not really about the Civil War at all, they are about white supremacy and opposition to civil rights."
- Dr. Troy Smith, History department at Tennessee Tech


***S. Yep, another one-sided opinion. You don't want to hear an opinion different from yours. If it is not your standards, then they should not be allowed. Funny how Republicans believe in a two party system, yet the Lib/Dems would love to exterminate all non believers in theirs. Somewhere along your life's path, you became indoctrinated by leftist extremism.


I'm glad you speak for the other side, exdep. Sadly, you're way off. Perhaps you should worry about your own indoctrination.


Coincidentally, I just finished a book about Union veterans and their unending Civil War (Marching Home by Brian Matthew Jordan). The author noted the distress that the men of the 127th Pennsylvania Survivors' Association registered when, in 1909, the Commonwealth of Virginia contributed the bronze Robert E. Lee to Statuary Hall in the U. S. Capitol.. The men registered their "earnest protest" and wished "that it will be removed without further request by the patriotic and loyal soldiers of the Union army." "We are willing to forgive," the Pennsylvanians resolved, "but we cannot exalt and put a premium upon [rebel] leaders and generals by placing them on a power and level with the Commanders and Generals of our northern army." (p. 194)

So there you have it, from the very mouths of the men who fought to save the Union.


***melrosereader. All I read is that you are advocating the history of a certain group of people and or area, should trump the history of other certain people and areas. Is that not being biased? Are you saying that equality is ok, but it has to be under certain terms and conditions and factual history does not matter?


HIs words are staight out of Fox News. First off, liberals aren't upset by the statues. Liberals are upset by President Trump's idiotic words about bad guys being on both sides. People who are against white supremists aren't bad people under any circumstance. However, Fox News reported, and continues to report, that liberals were against the statues. No. LIberals were there because of the white supremists. Fake news, indeed.

Since statues were brought up. Conservatives are arguing that taken them down is trying to erase history. History books aren't being erased. History books is where you learn about history. Statues are for honoring. These men were traitors and fought to continue slavery. No need to honor such individuals.

David is not a ormer law enforcement officer. David was in my Reserve Academy class. I was hired. He was not. I'm not sure where you've gotten former law enforcement officer unless he did some security somewhere. He was never a sworn officer. While he was a classmate, he was in his 60's and still lived with his mother.


***OregonHusker. If Liberals are not upset over the statues, then why do they protest, vandalize them and riot? = Mistake #1. There are many more than one statue, even as you admit. Then you say Trump is to blame. Then why have the Libs been protesting the statues long before Trump said anything? = Mistake #2. You say you have a right to pick and choose who should be honored by a statue or not. That means you think there should be a one side democracy, that wants to force others to see it your way or else. That just blew the meaning of democracy and shows you believe in socialism. = Mistake #3. Just because you do not like Mr. Sayers opinion, does not give you the right to try and personally discredit him. And if you were/are any kind of actual LEO, then you have set some pretty low professional work standards. = Mistake #4.


We're not a democracy. We're a Republic. Mistake #1. Do you see a statue for Osama bin Ladin at Ground Zero? Of course not. He was the enemy. We can read about him in history books. He doesn't need a statue. Just like Robert E. Lee doesn’t need a statue. He was a traitor. He fought against the United States. So do I think I have the right in offering my opinion of who gets a statue? Absolutely. Enemies of the state should never get statues. That’s a no brainer.

Liberals didn't show up last weekend for statues. They showed up to protest "Unite the Right." Mistake #2, Now did some begin protesting against statues when they saw some protesting for them? Sure. Liberals can multitask. However, not the reason they showed up. But you won’t see that on Fox News. I know. I watched Fox that night and it wasn’t mentioned. Shocking. Liberals showed up to protest idiots chanting “You will not replace us,” blood and soil,” and other repugnant speech. Had you checked other news sources, you would have known that.

Trump is absolutely to blame. Racists feel empowered now that he’s in charge. Even David Duke praised Trump for his words last weekend. Are those the people you want to associate with? Sad.

I don't think you understand what socialism is. If you did, you never would have been a LEO. After all, it's a government job. Of course, I know all kinds of LEO’s who are against government jobs....except their own. So your hypocrisy isn’t news to me. Socialism is a combination of government and public entities getting together and running things. It’s what we’ve actually had in the US since its inception. Schools. Police. Firefighters. Military. Are you picking up what I’m throwing down?

Do I have the right to attack David Sayers personally? Absolutely. He made a lot of idiotic assumption about liberals like me. That’s what happens when you take pot shots at people. They shoot back.

As for your LEO snark, I can see you were very good at it. After all, it’s obvious you only listen to news you agree with. I’ll bet you were a wonderful investigator while using your personal biases. You see, two can play that game.


***OregonHusker. Democracy, Republic are virtually the same. Liberals can multi-task? Like when nearly every time they start a protest it turns into disorderly conduct, vandalism, assaults, arson and riot. If Liberals proclaim their desire for peace and love, then why are they the first to commit crimes, scream at and threaten harm to non-Liberals? Pure facts. You should be better equipped to note these occurrences if indeed you have police experience as you quote. You are quick to make petty, off topic, personal jabs at Sayers, which tells me your police experience is poor. You say I associate with racists? You made an incorrect assumption, again showing me your police background is poor. Your pot shots are poorly contrived. So, tell me, excuse me, all the readers, how much LEO experience you have: regular or reserve, years, arrests, court appearances, conviction rates. Me: 10+ years paid patrol, 10+ years with FPS/ICE/DHS, 15 years of corporate investigations/related , 2,000+ arrests, court from Canyonville to Portland and Hawaii, at every level and pretty much 100% convictions. You are the one to publicly state you were 'hired' in relationship to a police agency. I don't care which one, just what your 'hiring' did or did not do for you.


***********OregonHusker. It has been two days and no reply, explaining to me and the other readers about your so-called police hiring you bragged about. If you were just an unpaid reserve with very few hours...oh well. If you were a regular and have thousands of hours/arrests and more...tell us.


Like President Trump, the writer does not seem to understand that there is a big difference between what the Washington or Jefferson monuments symbolize versus what Confederate monuments symbolize. Slavery was a very hurtful and an unfortunate time for America. Everyday we continue to see and feel the consequences and social damage that slavery has caused and continues to cause this nation. It is very sad that some of our founding fathers owned slaves. However, unlike confederate flags, statues and other symbols, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson don't symbolize slavery and racism as do confederate symbols and statues. George Washington and others of that era primarily represent the founding of this nation, the Declaration of Independence and Constitution and our victory over the English and the hope that one day we will all be seen and treated as equals. For example when one views the Washington Monument, one does not see slavery rather one sees a monument that represents the birth of a nation where all men are created equal. When one looks at the confederate flag, most see a symbol of slavery and bigotry. Big, big differences and not comparable. And by the way , when we won the war against the English, we immediately removed all English flags and public statues glorifying King George or other revolutionary war English monarchs and or generals. We don't ever want to forget history and destroy these confederate artifacts but I believe confederate artifacts, statues and reminders belong in museums, not public areas such as parks, buildings or schools.
I thought the confederates lost the civil war? I am surprised that here in the USA we keep or erect public statues or displays of enemy confederate generals or other confederate leaders or symbols which still continue to bring pain to many Americans. To the best of my knowledge, in Germany there are no Nzi leader's or Nzi general's public statues, in Italy and Spain there are no Fascist Era leader's statues; in Iran there are no statues of the deposed Shah; and in Iraq there are no statues of Saddam Hussein, and I can go on with more examples. Enemy leaders of a losing side usually become persona non-grata (even though there many be people in those countries that still idolize or think highly of those deposed leaders). Other countries don't keep public statues of losing regime leaders and generals in public parks or name their schools after them. I believe these statues and artifacts should be preserved for historic value but probably better in in a historical museum.
Based on the writer's logic why didn't we erect statues of Benedict Arnold after the Revolutionary War. He also was an American general and a very important historic figure of our past. We didn't erect monuments of him but his history has been certainly preserved in other ways. Almost every American knows who he is.
Robert E. Lee opposed Confederate monuments after the civil war. In 1866 Lee wrote: "As regards the erection of such a monument as is contemplated, however grateful it would be to the feelings of the South, the attempt in the present condition of the Country, would have the effect of retarding, instead of accelerating its accomplishment; [and] of continuing, if not adding to, the difficulties under which the Southern people labour."
Stonewall Jackson's great grandkids recently said "While we are not ashamed of our great great grandfather, we are ashamed to benefit from white supremacy while our black family and friends suffer. We are ashamed of the monument."

NR reader

As a member of the "left," I have no problems saying, yes, I am intolerant of intolerance. This column is a joke. Lay off the Faux news crack.


Good letter. EVERYONE needs to practice what they preach. EVERYONE needs to listen to others. Just because you don't like what someone says you can't stifle their freedom of speech or their right to peaceful assembly. I doubt the white race is to blame for every problem in the world. Even though my ancestors were nearly wiped from the face of the earth I realize that nobody alive today was responsible for that. And to visit the sins on the fathers onto their children is wrong.


That cake they have baked, comes with a very thick icing....


The Antifa movement is very dangerous to our democracy. The right to speak freely and assemble freely is a cherished American right. Even when the people doing this are repugnant and their message is repugnant, they still have the right to speak and march. It is the duty of the police to protect this right. The condescension of many on the left of the tactics of Antifa is disturbing to me as an American.


You are looking at a miniscule number of people in this movement. They are anti fascist, and believe that it is acceptable to fight fascism with violence. Most of us on the left do not approve of this, and would rather fight fascism, white supremacy, and the klan in a non violent manner. That said, I hope you do realize that the vast majority of the weapons were toted by white supremacists and neonazi's, not the antifa.

Robert Heilman

So, the way to preserve Southern heritage is to march down the streets chanting "Jews will not replace us." That's definitely a part of Southern history, but I don't think it something to take pride in. "KKK: Kills Koons, Kikes and Katholics," another old slogan, is also verifiable part of Southern heritage.


Well put, Mr. Sayers. The hypocrisy of the left is unbelievable! We can only hope that, with age comes wisdom, and they will be forced to eat the cake that they have so enthusiastically baked.

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