The charter will, if passed, increase the size of government by adding a whole new layer of bureaucracy.

The charter, if passed, will cost more. A county manager and staff will cost more tax dollars than our three-commissioner system at a time when our county is financially in trouble.

The charter, if passed, reduces citizen participation. Our current commissioners hold two to three meetings a week open to the public. The charter allows only two meetings per month. The county manager is not subject to open meeting laws or answerable to the voters, therefore, all day-to-day county decisions will be made behind closed doors.

If unsatisfactory, a county manager would be protected by employment laws. To change a manager would be extremely expensive and take a good deal of time.

Our county officials are currently bound by state and national laws and answerable to the voters. To single out the sheriff and give control of that office to a board is scary at best. That is the office charged with our protection and protection of our rights.

Rural areas of our county will have less representation if the charter passes. Our current commissioners go to meetings all over the county to provide better representation to the rural areas.

Bigger government, higher cost, closed-door politics, less citizen participation, board control over what should be an independent sheriff answerable to the voters, not a board – clearly it makes good sense to vote no on 10-159.

Please, carefully read the charter for yourself. Don’t vote with your feelings – the cold hard facts clearly show the charter is a bad choice for our county.

Carolyn Mering


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***Well said. I also have a feeling, that a county manager will only be hired if a contract is offered. If the manager is not performing as expected prior to the end of his/her contract, a buyout will happen and payment for not finishing the contract will still have to be made. More wasted money.

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