A Daily Mail reporter on Oct. 14 asked Chelsea Clinton: “Chelsea, will the foundation give back the donations from Harvey Weinstein? Do you plan to return the $100,000?”

According to the reporter, Chelsea “looked straight ahead and ignored the questions as she scurried through the side lot and ducked into her waiting black sedan.” Security further blocked the reporter from asking Chelsea the question again.

But that wasn’t the only time Chelsea had ducked the question that day according to the reporter:

Earlier in the day, Chelsea had ducked the same questions from DailyMail.com after her car dropped her off at the front of the building.

Hmmm, at least Hilary plans on donating money given to her via Weinstein to charity.

Marcia Williams


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The point appears to be that even within the same political party and family there are differing opinions now how to handle money from a tainted source.


Ah, I thought it was about how Chelsea handled the media. It shouldn't be reported as condemning when a public figure doesn't jump when the talking heads show up. The punishment for not jumping results in a condemning news story. The media seems to think it's up to them to create a public opinion that influences how the public reacts to public figures. In this case, she is expected to now return the donation. But Chelsea is under no obligation to reporters what the foundation board will decide, if anything. She can influence a decision, but again I don't see where that obligates her to discuss any of it with reporters. The media has been very bold in stepping away from any journalistic ethics they once espoused. They've become more like paparazzi.


Not sure what point you're trying to make.

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