President Trump’s job position is not sacred, as House Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republican congressmen would have us believe. Why do they look the other way when it comes to our president? President Trump has publicly boasted about his transgressions toward women. Twenty women have accused him of assault and harassment.

Emboldened to step forward, brave American women are speaking out about powerful men who have sexually mistreated them. All women are uniting on this front. Courts of law and employers are finally attentive to women’s justified sexual mistreatment outcry. Previously highly esteemed successful men in all walks of life are falling right and left by their licentious nature. This is a moral issue, not a political one. Who will be next? Watch out, President Trump. No one can escape from their karma.

Virginia Roth


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I am male and retired from professional office and field work. I have witnessed the emotional and physical abuse that women have endured over the years. OK. I am a combat unit war veteran, so I probably seen my share of “men being men.” They worst offenders were the guys who had great insecurities about themselves. Reminder, you have a mother, a sister or female friend. Treat all women with a degree of respect that you would treat these relatives or friends. It’s not hard, just perhaps, different. Grow up. Be a decent man.

Keep stepping up, ladies. It’s an education process for men.

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