As I read the news recently, I found that the president of the United States has endorsed Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. Sen. Mitch McConnell has also "walked back" his negative assessment of Moore.

I am a retired teacher, and as such, find it appalling that a known pedophile is receiving support from leaders of our country. This is not an issue of the man's politics, as there are those in both parties who have come under scrutiny — this is a matter of morality.

Children must be protected by the adults around them. How can we stand up for morals in our society when morality is undercut by the most powerful people in government? Women and children continue to be placed in positions in society where they are vulnerable to sexual and physical abuse.

This seems another instance of powerful men supporting those who use that vulnerability to their own ends. It begs the question why? If this is a watershed moment where sexual abuse is being addressed, why aren't America's leaders aware of, and supportive of, the moment?

Patricia Ludwig

Days Creek

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Welcome to the new Republican Congress. These critters are no longer conservative, they no longer hold the fundamental values Conservatives espouse. They are now playing partisan politics. There is no more Statesmen Standard in performing their duties as elected officials who represent constituents back home. Their interest now is only in supporting the big money who purchased their vote. What empowers them is a president who sits as a distraction to allow Republicans in Congress to follow their agenda which has nothing to do with what's best for the American People. Their agenda now appears to be pushing huge amounts of money to large corporations while insuring you and I are taken down to a place of third world existence. While a number of them are taking a beating from their constituents, they persist in their Party agenda. The support they have isn't just from big money, but also from a small caucus with a more specific agenda of pushing their evangelical dogma into legislation, destroying the separation of church and state. These are the same folks who will support a president who boasts of his sexual assault escapades and a pedophile who they now endorse in his run for the senate, in Alabama. It's a new country we now live in and we are meant to adapt rather than resist.

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