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September 9, 2013
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Jill Fay: Are you that mom? | Moms

Guest Mom Monday

I'm that mom who is impatient with her children.

I'm that mom who finds it hard not to yell! A lot!

I'm that mom who picked her child up late from school more than one occasion because of not paying attention to the time.

I'm that mom who stays so busy she has a hard time slowing down to play.

I'm that mom who has shown disrespect to her kid's father out of anger.

I'm that mom who has dropped curse words in front of children a time or a dozen-ish times.

I'm that mom who… The list could go on forever if I let it.

We all have faults, imperfections and sinful nature as mamas. We make mistakes. We are our toughest critics and yet we have added pressure from society, the world, our families, our friends, our kids and maybe even our spouse. All mamas seem to label themselves as “that mom who…”

As a mother, you may not even know that you label yourself or maybe someone puts a label on you. Don't you just love the thought of that?

Instead of focusing on my own negative stuff, I really try hard and pray hard to have positive thinking and perception on these things as well as extended grace for myself and extend that to others - especially mamas.

We are the only ones who can really understand one another, you know? I admit that I am not always the best in doing this. Focusing on the good qualities in myself and in other moms is OK!

It's actually more than OK. It's life changing. It's a good thing to encourage and reach out to other moms to share in your failures and celebrate the accomplishments. As we all know, mamas can often compare themselves to others and even be competitive.

We all make different choices, but we are all equally moms. Moms trying to do the best we can. Stop being so hard on yourself and most of all, on others.


I am that mom who loves her children unconditionally, unselfishly, and prays for them every day.

I am that mom who throws crazy parties cause she can’t help but lavish fun love on her kiddos.

I am that mom who loves cooking meals for her family and sitting all together for dinner.

I am that mom who kisses and hugs their father in front of them daily.

I am that mom who shares faith and lots of activities with her kiddos.

I am that mom that cannot stop posting photos and happenings of her family on Facebook because she beams with pride over them.

I am a good mom! I am that mom!

What kind of mom do you believe yourself to be? I can bet that you are doing a great job as a mother and really think you should make a list to show yourself.

We are the only ones who can really understand one another, you know?

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