Umpqua Community College freshmen Carver Beck is in 11th place and Camron Wright in 17th after the first day of competition Monday at the Boxer Combined-Event at Pacific University in Forest Grove.

Beck scored 2,754 points and Wright collected 2,154 points.

Corban University’s Michael Schmidt led the competition after the first day with 3,452 points, followed by Josh Schulz of Saint Martin’s with 3,398 points and Giovanni Brown of Concordia (3,307).

Beck finished fourth in the shot put with a 10.87-meter hurl. Roseburg graduate Wright was 16th (8.44).

Beck, who attended Triangle Lake High School, finished ninth in the 100 (11.93) and Wright finished 17th in 12.60. In the long jump, Beck was 13th (5.62) and Wright 17th (4.87).

Beck tied for 10th place with Sam Roddewig of Eastern Oregon (1.71 meters), Wright jumped 1.50 to tie for 15th place with Clackamas’ Carlos Nelson. In the 400, Beck finished 13th (57.75) and Wright was 15th (58.44).

The decathlon will conclude Tuesday with the 110 hurdles, discus, pole vault, javelin and 1,500. The women will compete in the long jump, javelin and 800 on Tuesday.

The Riverhawks did not have any women in the heptathlon.

UCC will compete at the Jen Boyman Memorial at Linfield College in McMinnville on April 6.

Monday’s Decathlon Results

Top 3, UCC finishers

OVERALL STANDINGS — 1. Michael Schmidt, Corban, 3,452; 2. Josh Schulz, Saint Martin’s, 3,398; 3. Giovanni Brown, Concordia, 3,307; 11. Carver Beck, Umpqua CC, 2,754; 17. Camron Wright, Umpqua CC, 2,145.

100 — 1. Michael Schmidt, Corban, 11.14; 2. Josh Schulz, Saint Martin’s, 11.26; 3. Nathan Poff, Lane CC, 11.36; 9. Carver Beck, Umpqua CC, 11.93; 17. Camron Wright, Umpqua CC, 12.60. LONG JUMP — 1. Josh Schulz, Saint Martin’s, 6.58m; 2. Michael Schmidt, Corban, 6.57m; 3. Nathan Poff, Lane CC, 6.20m; 3. Giovanni Brown, Concordia, 6.20m; 13. Carver Beck, Umpqua CC, 6.02m; 17. Camron Wright, Umpqua CC, 4.87m. SHOT PUT — 1. Giovanni Brown, Concordia, 12.37m; 2. Reagan Shira, Corban, 11.73m; 3. Sawyer Christopher, Lane CC, 10.89m; 4. Carver Beck, Umpqua CC, 10.87m; 16. Camron Wright, Umpqua CC, 8.44m. HIGH JUMP — 1. J.J. Walker, Clackamas CC, 1.86m; 2. Reagan Shira, Corban, 1.83m; 3. Sawyer Christopher, Lane CC, 1.83m; 10. Carver Beck, Umpqua CC, 1.71m; 15. Camron Wright, Umpqua CC, 1.50m. 400 — 1. Michael Schmidt, Corban, 50.98; 2. Nathan Poff, Lane CC, 51.34; 3. Josh Schulz, Saint Martin’s, 51.58; 13. Carver Beck, Umpqua CC, 57.75; 15. Camron Wright, Umpqua CC, 58.44.

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