Esthela Trevino of Umpqua Community College finished second in the 101-pound women’s wrestling bracket at the Mike Clock Open on Saturday at Pacific University in Forest Grove.

Trevino pinned Pacific University’s Sophia Mercado in 2:31 in round one, she won in a technical fall against her teammate Juliana Castro in round two. In the third round Southwestern Oregon’s Ira Navarro defeated Trevino on a technical fall.

Navarro won the division, Mercado was third and Castro fourth.

Umpqua’s Avealoumamaly Lefotu (191) finished third and Cassandra Tongi (143) was fourth.

The Riverhawks were a little short-handed as Laura Ekada and Moira Sheldon competed in the NWAC cross country championships.

The UCC men will wrestle in the Mike Clock Open on Sunday.

101 — 1. Ira Navarro, SWOCC; 2. Esthela Trevino, Umpqua; 3. Sophia Mercado, Pacific; 4. Juliana Castro, Umpqua. 109 — 1. Ciara McCrae, SFU; 2. Pauline Granados, Providence; 3. Maria Reyes, Big Bend; 4. Jade Martin, SOU. 116 — 1. Tara Othman, SOU; 2. Marie Seeley, SWOCC; 3. Yurie Yoneoka, Providence; 4. Bailey Hoshino, Pacific. 123 — 1. Dajan Treder, Providence; 2. Alexandra Hedrick, SFU; 3. Olyvia Smith, SFU; 4. Kaitlynn Funai, WPU. 130 — 1. Lauren Mason, SFU; 2. Sunita Sewak, SFU; 3. Anesia Ramirez, SOU; 4. Krystal Fabricante, EOU; 5. Kiara Kenny, Unattached; 6. Jordynn Robson, SOU. 136 — 1. Nicole Depa, SFU; 2. Julissa Taitano, SOU; 3. Hunter Duke, Big Bend; 4. Abby Chufar, Unattached. 143 — 1. Sara Brinkac, SFU; 2. Sienna Ramirez, SOU; 3. Destiny Rodriguez, Unattached; 4. Cassandra Tongi, Umpqua. 155 — 1. Alyvia Fisk, SFU; 2. Olivia Pizano, SOU; 3. Alison Horne, SFU; 4. Anastasia Hardin, Providence. 170 — 1. Kiera Gabaldon, WPU; 2. Emily Cue, SFU; 3. Rebekah Trudel, SFU; 4. Ivory Ayers, SWOCC. 191 — 1. Serena Woldring, SFU; 2. Meredith Bain, Pacific; 3. Avealoumamalu Lefotu, Umpqua; 4. Madisen Bozovich, EOU; 5. Abyah Fields, SOU.

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