The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife on Friday adopted a wolf plan at its meeting in Salem in response to the 44 people who came to testify and thousands of public comments.

Fish and Wildlife commissioners made changes related to “controlled take” — limited regulated hunting and trapping of wolves — from the proposed plan. An addendum was added stating that “use of controlled take as a management tool requires Commission approval through a separate public rulemaking process” and the definition of controlled take was modified.

Beforehand, allowing controlled take was one of the most controversial topics in the proposed plan. The original plan, adopted in 2005, allowed for controlled take only in instances of recurring depredations, or when wolves are a major cause of ungulate populations not meeting established management objectives or herd management goals.

The department said in a press release it has not proposed any controlled take of wolves and has no plans to.

Additional minor changes were made to emphasize the importance of non-lethal tools to address wolf-livestock conflict and easy access to this information. Non-lethal measures to prevent wolf-livestock conflict continue to be emphasized in all phases of the plan. Those steps are required before any lethal control is considered.

The plan is scheduled to be published at at the beginning of the week.

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