DILLARD — Over 1000 BMX riders and spectators descended upon the Umpqua Valley BMX course in Dillard on Sunday for the final leg of the Southern Oregon Series.

The competitors, who ranged from the age of one to about 50 years of age, started off the four-city series, which was sponsored and organized by the regional BMX organization West Coast BMX,in Klamath Falls on the afternoon of June 28th and raced again there the following morning, the racers then headed to Medford that afternoon for the second set of races. On Sunday the 30th, the competitors started off their day at River City BMX in Grants Pass before packing up and heading to Dillard for the final races at Umpqua Valley BMX.

Riders in the event came from local towns like Roseburg and Winston and from as far away as Pacific City. Most of the racers were part of BMX clubs or teams, about 20 teams were represented at the event. Local teams included Umpqua Valley BMX, RBR Racing, Fractured Cartel BMX and Twin Peaks Offroad.

Fractured Cartel was the largest team represented with about 50 riders who lived in cities from Eugene to Grants Pass and everywhere in between.

Umpqua Valley BMX director Mike Cummings was in charge of managing the event, and could be seen buzzing about the complex throughout the afternoon working vigorously to ensure the event ran smoothly.

Cummings was excited about the turnout and explained the intensity of the event, "This is a really big event for (Umpqua Valley BMX). We have more than twice as many motos as we do on a regular race night. We usually have anywhere from 20-60 riders and 20 motos is a busy night for us and we have 300 (racers) today. It's great but also it's a lot of work"

Over 300 riders took part in the racing on Sunday. Racers who were successful in qualifying for the main race, or final round, all four legs of the series could have the opportunity to compete in the state championship races in Grants Pass in August.

Each rider had the opportunity to participate in three motos, or heats. There were first round, second round, and main motos. Riders in the series needed to reach the main moto at every location in the series to qualify for the stat championship races.

The heats were divided by age and experience level. In all, there were 48 total motos and each one ran three times.

Local rider Jed Ponton from the Twin Peaks Offroad team was a state qualifier and took first place in all three of his motos in the adult novice class.

Ponton said "It's cool to have so many people here for our only local state qualifying race, we only have one here every year. I'm qualified for the state championship race and I'll be there in August."

Umpqua Valley BMX is a local track that holds open practices every Wednesday at 5 PM and races every Friday at 6 PM. Anyone interested can find Umpqua Valley BMX on Facebook.

Tom Eggers can be reached at teggers@nrtoday.com or 541-957-4220.

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