GREEN — It’s not uncommon that Dale Roth will hop from one car to another on Saturday nights at the Douglas County Speedway.

“It keep things going,” Roth said. “I started with one car, but then I had to wait for an hour or two before the next time I could race. So I decided to get a second car. I just want to race as much as I can — I’m a racer at heart.”

Roth is racing in both the mini stocks and street stock this year. Last year, the 59-year-old drove mini stocks and late models.

Late models no longer race at Douglas County Speedway and the car is now parked at home. The closest races for late model classes are in California or Washington.

“If you get enough cars it’s fun to race,” Roth said. “It’s too expensive to travel and race. I’d rather work a half day here (at Dale’s Auto Wholesale in Green) and then go to the race track.”

Last week, Roth overtook Jeff Solberg in the street stock race and he’s hoping that the adjustments he’s made to the car will be enough to get him a few more wins.

Roth is currently in second place behind Solberg in the season standings in street stocks. He’s also in second place in mini stocks behind Karl Smith.

“The street stock is heavier and handles differently,” Roth said. “Plus, this one is rear wheel drive and the CRX is front wheel drive. You have to remember what car you’re in, but it all comes natural to me.”

PRA President Rob Thomas said, “Dale’s a great guy. He’s a model example of what a driver should be; he has compassion and passion and is a super talented driver.”

When Roth first started driving in 1989 he drove a ‘69 Chevy Nova in the street stock class and then moved up to the faster late model cars.

“I always liked to go fast,” he said.

But as the years went on he started to slow down and started racing the mini stocks. Roth has been back to racing mini stocks for about seven years.

When John Doyle asked if Roth wanted to race his street stocks this year, it was a no-brainer for the Roseburg driver.

Roth’s main sponsors are Dutch Bros., Oregon Tool and Champion Car Wash. “Dutch Bros. keeps me going and Champion Car Wash provides oil and gas to keep the cars going,” he said.

The truck was in a collision last week, but Roth was able to keep it on the road and minimize the damage to the vehicle.

“I don’t have to fix it every week,” he said. “When you’ve been driving as long as I have you can almost see the wrecks before they happen and avoid them.”

Roth’s favorite race of the season is the Street Stock Smackdown, which will take place on July 28 this year, when lots of street stock drivers show up to the track.

“It’s exciting to watch and race in,” Roth said.

Roth is hoping for a checkered flag again this Saturday, where he’ll be racing in the street stock class.

“He races with the spirit of the sport,” Thomas said. “He’s competitive but he’s out there to have a good time.”

Modifieds, hornets, Pro 4s and bangers are also on the schedule for this weekend’s race.

Roth will also try his hand at a dirt track once again this year. He will be at Cottage Grove Speedway on June 23 with his street stock.

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Sanne Godfrey is a sports reporter for The News-Review.

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