Tom Ford of Glendale, Tom Langan of Cottage Grove and Michael Kennerly of Sutherlin posted main event victories during Saturday’s Pacific Racing Association Street Stock Smackdown program at Douglas County Speedway.

Ford finished first in the sport mods feature, Langan won the super stocks main and Kennerly won the hornets feature.

The next scheduled PRA card will be the North State Modified Shootout on Aug. 24. Classes on the program are modifieds, hornets, hardtops and tough trucks.

Saturday’s Results

Main Events

Sport Mods — 1. Tom Ford; 2. Kalob Watson; 3. Brad Watson; 4. Jeff Solberg; 5. Jamie Britton; 6. Ben Nunnes; 7. John Harvey; 8. Tom Durant; 9. Pete Tyree; 10. Blake Harvey.

Super Stocks — 1. Tom Langan; 2. Chris West; 3. Erik Jarnport; 4. John Dumire; 5. Chris Sims; 6. James John; 7. Laree McDonald; 8. Jeff Marson; 9. April Hillyard; 10. Jessin Yankley; 11. Johnathan Doyle; 12. Dale Roth; 13. Monique Scevers; 14. Rob McCombs; 15. Gary Perry; 16. Dakota Godard.

Hornets — 1. Michael Kennerly; 2. Richard Dickenson; 3. Chris Lemon; 4. Zachary Asumendi; 5. Paul Corbett; 6. Ron Johnson; 7. Matt Schoenporn; 8. Tyler Organ; 9. Bart Pulse; 10. Dylan Grichar; 11. Sarah Hickman; 12. Jalana Pynch; 13. Seth Christianson; 14. Burnie Bryant; 15. Valerie West; 16. Ryan Dickenson.

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