Bryce Rupert of Spokane, Washington, defeated 20 other drivers to take the Northwest Mini Stock Tour main event on Saturday at Douglas County Speedway.

Karl Smith finished second and Bradley Rhoads was third in the race.

Dale Roth of Roseburg won the super stocks feature and Burnie Bryant of Roseburg finished first in the hornets main.

The next scheduled program at DCS will be June 15, highlighted by the Addcox Outlaw 100. On the card are hornets, hardtops, Outlaw series and J class.

Saturday's Results

Main Events

Northwest Mini Stock Tour — 1. Bryce Rupert; 2. Karl Smith; 3. Bradley Rhoads; 4. Dale Roth; 5. Eric Angeledes; 6. Richard Koraskis; 7. Jarrett Mayo; 8. Gary Klinetobe; 9. Fred Vigil; 10. Ken LeGault; 11. Brett Murrell; 12. Trevor Eacret; 13. Brian Murrell Jr.; 14. Josh McMillan; 15. Terry Armstrong; 16. Rob Mueller; 17. Brian Murrell Sr.; 18. Andrew Murphy; 19. Reginald Gill; 20. Kieri Smith; 21. Devin Matthews.

Super Stocks — 1. Dale Roth; 2. Larry Means; 3. Monique Scevers; 4. April Hilyard; 5. John Dumire.

Hornets — 1. Burnie Bryant; 2. Rich Dickenson; 3. Zachary Asumendi; 4. Bruce McMaster; 5. Chris Lemon; 6. Tyler Organ; 7. Michael Kennedy; 8. Jeremy Simms; 9. Bart Pulse; 10. Paul Corbett; 11. Ryan Dickenson; 12. Valerie West; 13. Cherish Wilson; 14. Dylan Grichar; 15. Patti Morgan; 16. Jalana Pynch; 17. Denver Wilson.

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