The 41st Abby’s/Budweiser/Pepsi Invitational golf tournament kicked off at 7 a.m. Saturday morning at Roseburg Country Club. Play continued all day until nearly 8 p.m. for some afternoon tee times.

Two-person teams are playing a Chapman format, which requires each player to hit a drive, then play their partner’s second shot. From there they alternate shots based on the second shot they use.

Andrew Parks and Joel Stock led the Pepperoni Flight (low handicap) gross division with a score of 67. Alex Palm and Mark Giustina are in second place at 71, while Neal Brown and Brian Winter also recorded a 71.

Bill Endicott and Chuck Caylor had a net score of 62.5 to put them in first place in Pepperoni Flight net.

In the second flight, Glen Mitchell and Shane Mitchell lead in net at 62.5.

Danny Olson and Rich Olson lead the gross division at 77 along with Mike Fox and Kirt Fraley. Ryan Bauman and Curtis Wagoner shot a 78 and sit in third place.

In the third flight, there are three teams tied for first place with a gross score of 83. Ryan Thomas and Patt Dunn, Josh Alexander and James Carter and Jim Stapleton and Jeff Randall are deadlocked.

Caulder Lonie and Paul Radon led the net scoring with a 61. Josh Alexander and James Carter are at 61.5.

The senior flight gross saw brothers Rob and Steve Perkins shoot a 68. Kermit Reich and Tom Kolberg shot 71, while Tom Wimbley and Tom Lowen had a 74.

Rob and Steve Perkins also held the net lead with a 57.5. Dick Hebard and Charles Hanson finished with a 63.5 for second place.

In the women’s flight, Linda Fox and Linda Fox finished with a 74 in net. Nora Eaton and Kari Rohr shot 74.5, and Anita Wicks and Leilani Norman shot 75.5.

The women’s flight is only playing net.

“It’s the people, it’s a fun tournament,” Eaton said. “The events going on. It’s not an easy format, the Chapman, but it’s a fun atmosphere.”

“I think a lot of people look forward to it. My husband has been playing in it for 20 some years. You hear about the Abby’s, oh the Abby’s,” Eaton added. “You just know it’s the tournament to go to. It’s a fun one from all the events going on, the Thursday night dinner, the pizza out there and the hospitality.”

“I think today was a huge success. It was a little windy, kept the scores up a little bit,” RCC head pro Cris Risley said. “The course is in great shape, guys are playing and there are a couple low scores out there so hopefully they can back it up. Looking forward to another great day tomorrow.”

Saturday’s Results

First Flight

Gross — 1. Andrew Parks-Joel Stocl, 67; 2. Alex Palm-Mark Giustina, 71; 3. Neal Brown-Brian Winter, 71.

Net — 1. Bill Endicott-Chuck Caylor, 62.5; 2. Jim Schvaneveldt-Matt Scott 63; 3. 2 teams tied at 64.

Second Flight

Gross — 1. (tie) Danny Olson-Rich Olson and Mike Fox-Kirt Fraley, 77; 3. Ryan Bauman-Curtis Wagoner, 78.

Net — 1. Glen Mitchell-Shane Mitchell, 62.5; 2. Ryan Bauman-Curtis Wagoner, 63; 3. Danny Olson-Rich Olson, 63.

Third Flight

Gross — 1. Ryan Thomas-Pat Dunn, 83; 2. Josh Alexander-James Carter, 83; 3. Jim Stapleton-Jeff Randall, 83.

Net — 1. Caulder Lonie-Paul Radon, 61; 2. Josh Alexander-James Carter, 61.5; 3. two teams at 62.

Senior Flight

Gross — 1. Rob Perkins-Steven Perkins, 68; 2. Kermit Reich-Tom Kolberg, 71; 3. Tom Wimbley-Tom Lowen, 74.

Net— 1. Rob Perkins-Steve Perkins, 57.5; 2. Dick Hebard-Charles Hanson, 63.5; 3. four teams at 64.5.

Women’s Flight

Net Only — 1. Linda Fox-Linda Fox, 74; 2. Nora Eaton-Kari Rohr, 74.5; 3. Anita Wicks-Leilani Norman, 75.5.

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