Seven teams came away with division crowns in the Clint Newell 3-Man Scramble golf tournament, held June 20-21 at Roseburg Country Club.

A total of 86 teams competed in the tournament.

In the Toyota Division, the trio of Tyler Miller, Justin Smithhisler and Willie Hendrix captured the gross crown with a score of 114. The team of Craig Praus, Ronnie Davis and Phillip Shoaf finished first in net at 104.

In the Chevy Division, there was a tie for top honors in gross. Finishing at 125 were the teams of Jake Edwards, Tyler Edwards and Ronald Edwards, and Peyton Mesa, Trenton Allen and Jeff Bright.

The trio of Byron Rinaker, Pete Pappas and Michael Graham won net at 107.

In the Buick Division, the gross title went to Jeff Brown, Jared Brown and Tom Brown with a score of 126. Winning net at 103 was the team of Grant Dukes, Brandon Beers and Kyle Cervi-Skinner.

Final Results


Gross — 1. Tyler Miller-Justin Smithhisler-Willie Hendrix, 114; 2. Neal Brown-John Murphy-Andre Luster, 116; 3. Lee Buffington-Chris Buffington-Justin Buffington, 119; 4. Jim Schvaneveldt-Bob Dickey-Chuck Caylor, 121.

Net — 1. Craig Praus-Ronnie Davis-Phillip Shoaf, 104; 2. (tie) Shawn Cockrum-Mitch Wade-Wyite Marlow, Mike Swanzy-Matt Gilliam-Mike Rhodes and Darin Harbick-Larry Harbick-Randy Harbick, 110.


Gross — 1. (tie) Jake Edwards-Tyler Edwards-Ronald Edwards and Peyton Mesa-Trenton Allen-Jeff Bright, 125; 3. Kelly Dwight-Andrew Renyer-Jerry Tilley, 126; 4. Scott Simpson-Clint Newell-Cameron Newell, 127.

Net — 1. Byron Rinaker-Pete Pappas-Michael Graham, 107; 2. Brett Whitaker-KC Weaver-Brian Dustin, 111; 3. Steve Harris-Wayne Harris-Jack Winchell, 112; 4. (tie) Ken Dustin-Bill Alexander-Andy Clark, Ken Linden-Ron Younglund-Ernie Nichols, Dustin Shaw-Tyler Shaw-Darron Shaw and Rick Coen-Brad Coen-Bob Coen, 114.


Gross — 1. Jeff Brown-Jared Brown-Tom Brown, 126; 2. Dennis Olsen-Devin Booher-Mike Booher, 130; 3. Thurman Bell-Rick Randol-Ed Eaton, 131; 4. Jim Simpson-Bill Shamblin-Charlie Johnson, 132.

Net — 1. Grant Dukes-Brandon Beers-Kyle Cervi-Skinner, 103; 2. Mark Pearson-Pete Pearson-Trevore Sandidge, 110; 3. (tie) Chris Rubidoux-Don Rubidoux-Michael Cook, Don Cooley-Scott Cooley-Jerry Lemon, Jeff Cooley-Matthew Peterson-Gerrin DeGroot and Michael Shoffner-Jordan Snook-Chris Shoffner, 112.

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