On a divine day for cross country, Roseburg played host to its only home meet of the season on Wednesday at Stewart Park.

The Indians were joined by Class 6A Southwest Conference schools Grants Pass and Willamette, and 4A Far West League teams South Umpqua and Douglas.

“It’s a beautiful day to run,” said Roseburg sophomore Hunter Agsten, who finished third in the boys’ race. “Perfect day. It doesn’t get any better.”

“This is perfect weather for running,” agreed Grants Pass sophomore Ahdra Klingler, the girls’ winner.

Klingler pulled away over the final mile of her race, covering the 5,000-meter course in 20 minutes, 2 seconds. Her twin sister, Ayla, finished second in 20:20.

“I felt pretty good about the race,” Ahdra Klingler said. “I was trying to get in the 19s, but I was close. It wasn’t a PR, but I’m just excited to work on it and get better.”

South Umpqua sophomore Aneykah McCall was the top county finisher, taking third in 20:47.

“I’ve been working on speed and endurance, and feel confident about the season,” said McCall. “I felt good today. She (Ahdra Klingler) made me run this race better.”

Sophomore Isabell Webber led Roseburg, finishing fifth in 20:52. Webber, who’s dividing her time between soccer and cross country this fall, was running in her first race of the season.

“I felt pretty nervous because this was my first meet,” Webber said. “I haven’t been with the cross country team, but once it got started I felt pretty good.

“I feel like I pushed it pretty hard, and did my best which is all that matters. Just trying to pick people off as they come. I was pretty happy with the results, and it was a good PR for me.”

Roseburg freshman Samantha Eichman was sixth (20:57), while junior Adrienne Powell finished 10th (21:32). Powell was the team’s No. 1 runner in the first meet, but missed the last one due to tendonitis in her knee.

“That was an awesome performance by the girls,” said Roseburg coach Nathan Eckman. “I loved how Adrienne (Powell) and Samantha (Eichman) shot out and got our girls going. Isabell (Webber) didn’t panic ... she stayed back there and ran a great race. She’s a competitor.”

On the boys’ side, senior Barrett Titus of Grants Pass was the winner in 16:55, one second ahead of junior teammate Nathan Burton.

Agsten and teammate Elijah Hansen, another sophomore, kicked hard at the end and took the next two places, clocking 17:16 and 17:17 respectively.

“I felt strong,” Agsten said. “We just wanted to make sure they (Grants Pass) didn’t get the top five spots, that was the plan. We’re (Agsten and Hansen) always close. The farthest we’ve ever gone was two-ish seconds — we’re pretty much right on each other all the time, even in practice.”

Roseburg junior Harrison Townsend ran a strong race, finishing eighth (17:59). S.U. junior Damien Shockey was ninth (18:00), while Roseburg senior Wyatt Deck placed 12th (18:11).

“On paper, Grants Pass was a minute faster than those guys (Agsten and Hansen), but they did a great job,” Eckman said. “Harrison (Townsend) broke 18 minutes and that’s a huge PR.”


5,000 Meters

TOP 10 INDIVIDUALS — 1. Barrett Titus, GP, 16:55; 2. Nathan Burton, GP, 16:56; 3. Hunter Agsten, R, 17:16; 4. Elijah Hansen, R, 17:17; 5. Isaac Burgess, GP, 17:18; 6. Daniel Beckstead, GP, 17:21; 7. Dimitri Underwood, GP, 17:26; 8. Harrison Townsend, R, 17:59; 9. Damien Shockey, SU, 18:00; 10. Nathan Wolford, GP, 18:04.

OTHER COUNTY FINISHERS — 12. Wyatt Deck, R, 18:11; 17. Nakai Sinohui, SU, 18:32; 18. Lyle Lee, R, 18:52; 21. Declan Whitworth, R, 19:06; 22. Carson Townsend, R, 19:08; 23. Benjamin Herrold, R, 19:12; 24. Steele Leavey, R, 19:12; 25. Luke Warren, R, 19:14; 26. Jacob Allen, R, 19:18; 29. Josh Cable, SU, 19:38; 31. Dylan Cuatt, R, 19:42; 36. Boone Olson, R, 19:59; 41. Seth Herron, D, 20:49; 42. Steen Olson, R, 20:55; 44. Jared McClure, SU, 21:02; 45. Isaac Allen, R, 21:02; 46. Matt Richards, D, 21:08; 47. Trenton Hoschouer, R, 21:14; 48. Nicholas Wayman, R, 21:15; 49. Brent Collins, D, 21:19; 51. Little Guy Cruz, R, 21:20; 56. August McCraw, R, 21:30; 57. Wesley Becherer, R, 21:38; 58. Seth Bowden, R, 21:42; 59. Joshua Chandler, SU, 21:43; 60. Nicholas Bolin, R, 22:16; 61. Wyatt Lowe, R, 22:31; 62. Oliver Johannessen, R, 22:34; 64. Andrew Lewis, R, 22:37; 66. Seth Mahan, SU, 23:36; 67. Parker Townsend, R, 23:57; 68. Jobediah Ingram, SU, 24:06; 70. Luke Fowler, D, 24:14; 71. Kevin Callanchu Bernal, R, 24:41; 73. Joseph Larson, R, 26:15; 76. Austin Bellew, R, 29:55.


5,000 Meters

TOP 10 INDIVIDUALS — 1. Ahdra Klingler, GP, 20:12; 2. Ayla Klingler, GP, 20:20; 3. Aneykah McCall, SU, 20:47; 4. Sierra Curtis, W, 20:52; 5. Isabell Webber, R, 20:52; 6. Samantha Eichman, R, 20:57; 7. Samantha Dara, GP, 21:00; 8. Faith Schultz, GP, 21:04; 9. Calista VanDelden, GP, 21:06; 10. Adrienne Powell, R, 21:32.

OTHER COUNTY FINISHERS — 13. Bethany Kalebaugh, SU, 22:05; 14. Jaysie Fox, R, 22:09; 15. Maria Robelo, R, 22:12; 16. Sophia Tate, R, 22:16; 19. Eden Childers, R, 22:22; 20. Jalen Robles, R, 22:22; 21. Dani Pritchard, R, 22:26; 23. Hayley Woodward, SU, 22:58; 25. Nina Willhoft, R, 23:12; 27. Hasina Lathan, SU, 24:14; 28. Ashanti Potter, SU, 24:30; 29. Alaxandra Reneau, SU, 24:41; 30. Nevaeh Poore, D, 24:41; 33. Zoey Ralston, R, 25:03; 34. Jessica Kalebaugh, SU, 25:07; 35. Grace Harker, R, 25:39; 36. Amanda Williams, D, 25:52; 37. Paris Coleman, R, 25:57; 40. Noemi Wellauer, R, 27:31; 41. Grace Backen, R, 28:28; 42. Selena Jackson, R, 28:47; 43. Michelle Mai, R, 28:50; 44. Gretchen Lucido, R, 28:55; 45. Stephanie Early, R, 29:08; 49. Chloe Telford, SU, 30:50; 50. Rachel Way, R, 32:07; 52. Annika Kloepper, R, 34:09.

Sports Editor Tom Eggers can be reached at 541-957-4220 or email teggers@nrtoday.com

Tom Eggers is the sports editor for The News-Review. He can be reached at 541-957-4220 or by email at teggers@nrtoday.com.

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