Commissioners for Dr. Stewart’s American Legion Post 16’s baseball program will meet Saturday with a small group of candidates to succeed Scott Shaver as head coach of the Docs.

Shaver resigned Wednesday evening after being apprised that the commission was moving toward replacing him. Shaver coached the Docs for 11 years, was a coach in the three-team program for 16 years and is a former Doc.

Shaver’s father, Doyle Shaver, was a long-time Legion commissioner until his death in December of 2016.

“He put in thousands of hours of effort,” commissioner Tom Donegan said Thursday. “The guy is there four hours before a game starts and for two to three hours after they’re over. Those are long, brutal days. Other than that, he was so good with the players.

“What’s the outcome of a guy playing in our program? Is he going to be a better player? He should be. Will he be a better person? Absolutely.”

Those were standards Shaver met and that the next coach will need to achieve, in addition to winning often on the field.

“At the end of each season we look at what do we do to make this better, how do we make this better,” Donegan said. “After 2010, after third place in the World Series, those comments didn’t come up.”

Shaver went 23-23 in 2018 after the Docs lost three straight one-run games — the final two in the American Legion AAA State Tournament at Legion Field. It was a young team with just two members not eligible to return in 2019.

“I called Scotty to let him know how things were going to go,” Donegan said. “He was a typical man about it. He’s said several times, ‘I know when you hire me for the year, that’s the year I get.’ Every year is a new year, whoever the coach is.”

Donegan said the commissioners could name a new coach as soon as Saturday afternoon.

The commission is looking to finalize the situation as soon as possible as it also tries to move forward with an artificial turf project for Legion Field.

“We have to prioritize,” Donegan said. “Get a new coach, get the turf, I want to get back to having a Docs tournament.”

Sports reporter Aaron Yost can be reached at 541-957-4219 or email Follow him on Twitter


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Aaron Yost is a sports reporter for The News-Review he can be reached at 541-957-4219 or by email at Follow him on Twitter @aaron_yost.

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tango down

Sad to get rid of a highly successful coach who knows the game inside and out. Shaver knows how to win at the legion level and has a proven record. The success of the local legion teams is a by product of the local talent which comes from the surrounding area. If you look at the local high school teams few have won their respective conferences. I was really looking forward to coach Shaver having the opportunity to coach a more seasoned Doc Stewarts team in 2019 after losing only 2 players.

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