It’s been storm after storm out here lately, and I’m loving it.

The ocean is rough, the bay is rough, the rivers are rough, everything is rough. Trees have fallen everywhere, and the rains are sheeting down sideways. Sigh ... have I mentioned I’m loving this?

Let’s talk fishing for a brief moment; don’t go. There, that was easy.

I guess I can mention steelhead, which are starting to be caught in slower numbers. But all this rain should open the literal and metaphorical flood gates pretty soon.

Commercial crabbing is still slated to be open the beginning of the year but I won’t believe it until I see the crabbers heading out. This past week folks seemed to be doing better on the docks but we were unpleasantly surprised at how soft and empty many of the crab were. Hopefully it’s just those isolated few.

As for the bay not much has been going on because of the aforementioned storms.

But just as I was about to hit send on this report the good folks at Ringo’s Lakeside Marina in Lakeside informed me that coho are running up into Tenmile Lake with this last rain we had. We will keep you posted.

Let’s talk about these storms for a bit or, more specifically, the effect they can have.

A large one with devastating force blew through here the morning I wrote this column, and trees and power were down everywhere. I was in my back office running on my generator, and I have heat, lights, computer power, and no internet. This is as close to my idea of perfection as it gets

Well, perhaps not quite.

My favorite place in a storm is in the woods, whether it be in a warm wall tent or walking through the trees. When the wind howls and the rains pour and it’s just the wilderness, God and me it doesn’t matter if the power goes out because I don’t have any to begin with. As for my time at the shop with stormy weather and no power the little kid in me comes out and I feel like I’m in a clubhouse or a couch-cushion fort or whatever analogy you prefer.

One of our customers and good friends, a commercial fisherman by the name of Don told me my back office was my “land boat,” my place of solace and solitude where I can be alone in thoughts and deeds. I kind of like that, I may even make a sign declaring this ten by twenty room the SS Solace or some such thing. Part of the reason I enjoy my land boat during these power outages is because I’m prepared.

Truthfully, I’m usually prepared everywhere I go, not to the level of those dudes with Geiger counters and ten thousand rounds of ammunition though, because frankly I find it difficult to carry more than two thousand rounds at a time. JUST KIDDING! Kind of. I usually have a flashlight, knife, signaling devices, radio, backup batteries for lights, radio and phone, first aid gear, a gun and of course snacks because nothing makes eminent danger go by quicker than cashews and fruit roll ups.

My whole thought process on this is that almost all of our power outages or storms or whatever natural disasters we experience in these parts really shouldn’t inconvenience us for more than a handful of hours or a day or two in an extreme worst-case scenario and that they’re pretty easy to prepare for. I’m not saying that something earth shaking and cataclysmic can’t occur but the odds are slim.

I bet you already have enough stuff around the house to put together a small Ziploc bag of all the good stuff you’ll need in a minor case disaster scenario such as this. Put it together and place it in a drawer or someplace easy to access and don’t forget to make certain you buy the salted cashews. Frankly I have no idea why they even sell unsalted ones.

If the wind is howling, the rain is pouring, and the power is down I hope you are safe and warm in your home or office, or even better yet, your “land boat.”

Rob Gensorek is the owner of Basin Tackle (www.basintackle.com) in the Charleston Marina and can be reached by phone at 541-888-FISH, on Facebook at Basin Tackle Charleston, or email basin_tackle@yahoo.com.

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