The 2019 cohort of Douglas County Master Woodland Managers who graduated this week.

OSU Extension is often the go-to trusted resource for Oregonians with questions about managing forests, rangeland, farmland, livestock, preserving foods, gardening and much more.

OSU Extension is present in every county in Oregon and provides information and local expertise to help our communities thrive.

One of the ways the Extension is able to serve each community is through its various volunteer programs. You may be familiar with a couple here in Douglas County: the Master Gardener program and the Master Food Preserver program. But did you know that Douglas County Extension is also home to the Master Woodland Manager program?

Graduates of the Master Woodland Manager (MWM) training program have been making an impact in Oregon for over 20 years. As with the other volunteer programs, MWMs are spread out over the state wherever forests are growing. It’s been about 10 years since Douglas County offered a MWM training, and this fall, our local program was reinvigorated.

For the past 15 weeks, a group of 24 small woodland owners attended a 10-session in depth training to become the next cohort of Douglas County Master Woodland Managers.

These volunteers spent over 70 hours in classroom and field, and over 20 hours at home, learning all the ins and outs of managing forests. Each of the 10 full-day classes were taught by a combination of OSU Extension specialists and agents and local experts.

Topics covered included forest ecology, wildlife, fire, fisheries, riparian forest management, forest taxes, forest management planning, oak woodland management, forest health, reforestation, vegetation management, timber harvesting, leadership and much more.

The landowners who participated in this training come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, live from Tiller to Eugene, and have diverse personal goals and interests for managing their small woodland properties. As volunteers, they will impact their local communities in an assortment of ways.

You may see them hosting tours on their properties, helping with an OSU Extension class, serving their local small woodland organization, working with youth, staffing a booth at a community event or participating in citizen science programs. They have the knowledge and access to resources to help the greater woodland community and they are excited to get out there and make an impact.

I have the privilege to work with these individuals for years to come and I am so excited to have another awesome group of MWMs serving our community.

Thank you to the 24 small woodland owners who dedicated over 90 hours to this training program and have shown a deep commitment to the sustainable and responsible management of Oregon’s forests.

Alicia Christiansen is the Forestry Extension Agent for OSU Extension Service of Douglas County. Alicia can be reached by email at Alicia.Christiansen@oregonstate.edu or phone at 541-672-4461.

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