Addi and Nick, the first winners of a BTR Outdoor Adventures giveaway.

Howdy everyone!

It’s definitely been winter these past few weeks, with cold windy days on the beach and snow up in the mountains, but one of the most amazing things about an Oregon winter is the occasional sudden and unexpected sunny warm day that pops out of nowhere. I have come to enjoy these days oh so very much.

We had one of those amazing days recently and it always lulls me into a false sense of security. I start to think “woo-hoo it’s spring time!” But of course by the next day it will be raining six inches an hour with a hurricane force wind behind it. Sigh … oh Oregon.

The ocean remains unfishable — just as it was the last time we spoke — with the exception of a few hours last week when a couple local charters got out and caught some nice lingcod. By all accounts it was a terrible day at sea despite nice limits of fish.

Even the bay has been off limits for most folks as of late, with the winds we’ve been having. We are currently on a somewhat less miserable weather pattern and we know that eventually it will lie down. Soon enough pots will be filled with crab, fish will be tugging at our lines and the air will be filled with the hustle and bustle of people returning to the coast.

This is a pretty special place we have out here and it offers something for everyone whether you fish, hunt, beachcomb, take pictures, enjoy sunsets or all of the above.

One of the most important things for me personally is ensuring that my little ones get out and enjoy the beauty and majesty of the outdoors. I want to instill in them a rugged individualism and appreciation of what this country has to offer. Screen time, social media and television are all too often a part of both our and our children’s lives.

I remember as a child using a pocket knife to whittle branches into spears, arrows, toothpicks, wild animal traps or whatever else was in my creative mind that day. Mind you, I never did spear anything or trap anything but I did hit a squirrel once with my stick bow and arrow. Despite only an annoyed backwards glance from that squirrel as he scurried away, I still remember that exact moment decades ago as one of my greatest childhood memories. Strange how that is, how something so trivial and small from so long ago still brings a smile to my face as I write this.

I see these things in my little ones when we explore outdoors together, how a pile of branches becomes a fort or how a hole in the sand becomes an unconquerable castle. Of course, fishing plays a big part in all of this outdoor stuff as well. Screams of delight and excitement fill the air as one of us lands a fish and even the smallest of our catch often becomes a “shark” or “giant” in the tales to be told at a later time.

These times are important to our children, to ourselves and to our future. These times help form personalities, bond our relationships and teach vital skills that cannot be taught any other way.

It is to this end that Basin Tackle has been donating surf perch fishing trips this year at the sports shows we have been Emcee-ing. We have been and will have photo contests and drop-box contests at each show in Eugene, Roseburg, Medford and Anderson, California this year and the winner gets to bring up to three additional people — but there must be children involved, that’s the catch.

In addition to this I have recently applied for a guide license so I can take more folks out to experience the greatness of this amazing land of ours. For several years now many of you have asked for me to do this and I have finally answered you. So, as long as my background check doesn’t show the endangered animal parts I’ve been smuggling into China or that time I accidentally packed a hotel towel into my luggage and took it home we should be good to go very shortly.

We will be operating under the name of BTR Outdoor Adventures (Basin Tackle Rob) and will be doing a lot of easily accessible things like surf-perch fishing, kayaking for bass, shad fishing and so on. What we will not be doing is “deep sea” fishing sort of stuff; there’s a ton of awesome guides out there already and we don’t need one that’s not nearly as good who also throws up a lot at sea. Those of you that follow me on social media know that I usually get sick when I fish in the ocean. I should add “a lot” to that sentence.

We will still be running Basin Tackle, writing newspaper columns, hosting sports shows and the Basin Tackle Outdoor radio show and getting into various troubles around the state and beyond, it’s just that now we will be doing more. As a side note, if anyone is looking for a job as a personal assistant with special challenges like no pay and an abusive boss feel free to contact us.

Before we go I want to showcase the winners of our first BTR Outdoor Adventures giveaway Nick and Addi! BTR Outdoor Adventures will be taking them and two others of their choosing for a day of fishing, food and fun on our beautiful Oregon beaches this morning!

Here’s to a great 2020 season with fishing and family! I hope to see you out there!

Rob Gensorek is the owner of Basin Tackle (www.basintackle.com) in the Charleston Marina and can be reached by phone at 541-888-FISH, on Facebook at Basin Tackle Charleston, or email basin_tackle@yahoo.com.

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