Seniors Blake Ellis of Days Creek and Abby Whipple of North Douglas were selected as the Skyline League players of the year.

Blake Ellis took the top honor for the boys while his father, James Ellis, was named the coach of the year. Days Creek also had the defensive player of the year in Caleb Kruzic.

In all, Days Creek had five players make the all-league team, including two in Blake Ellis and Kruzic to the first team. Other first-team selections were Aaron Buechley of Umpqua Valley Christian, Colton Keeler of Pacific, Caleb Parks of North Douglas and Nate Hopkins of Riddle. All first-team selections were seniors.

Kruzic, Camas Valley junior Jared Hunt, North Douglas senior Killian Bond, UVC senior Jacob Luther and Pacific senior Davyn Brown made up the All-Defensive team.

Glendale’s Traylyn Arana received honorable mention in the boys’ selections and was named to the girls’ second team. The junior played on the Pirates’ boys team, as there was no girls team at the school this year.

Whipple was the girls’ top selection and her coach, Jeff Davis, was named coach of the year. Days Creek junior Moriah Michaels was named defensive player of the year.

First team selections were Days Creek’s Michaels and Kyla Crume, North Douglas’ Riley Black and Whipple, Elkton’s Kieryn Carnes and Aspyn Luzier, and Pacific’s Kaiya Goureau.

Michaels, Brooklyn Wolfe of Camas Valley, Natalie Thompson of North Douglas, Alexis Halstead of Elkton and Madi Hall of Pacific were named to the All-Defensive team.

Skyline League


Player of the year — Blake Ellis, sr., Days Creek.

Defensive player of the year — Caleb Kruzic, sr., Days Creek.

Coach of the year — James Ellis, Days Creek.

First Team

Blake Ellis, sr., Days Creek; Aaron Buechley, sr., Umpqua Valley Christian; Colton Keeler, sr., Pacific; Caleb Parks, sr., North Douglas; Nate Hopkins, sr., Riddle; Caleb Kruzic, sr., Days Creek.

Second Team

Jared Hunt, jr., Camas Valley; Jacob Luther, sr., Umpqua Valley Christian; Dylan McFadden, sr., Riddle; Jake Gerrard, jr., North Douglas; Cameron McMichael, sr., Riddle; Zane DeGroot, soph., Days Creek.

Honoroable Mention

Elijah Allen, jr., Yoncalla; Tanner Parks, jr., North Douglas; KC Pettibone, jr., Umpqua Valley Christian; Trystn Woody, soph., Elkton; Traylyn Arana, jr., Glendale; Rocco Muir, sr., Days Creek; Bryan Allen, soph., Yoncalla; Cade Martin, jr., Days Creek; Mario Gianotti, fr., Riddle; Thad Hamilton, so., New Hope Christian.

All Defensive Team

Caleb Kruzic, sr., Days Creek; Jared Hunt, jr., Camas Valley; Killian Bond, sr., North Douglas; Jacob Luther, sr., Umpqua Valley Christian; Davyn Brown, sr., Pacific.


Player of the year — Abby Whipple, sr., North Douglas.

Defensive player of the year — Moriah Michaels, jr., Days Creek.

Coach of the year — Jeff Davis, North Douglas.

First Team

Moriah Michaels, jr., Days Creek; Kyla Crume, sr., Days Creek; Riley Black, sr., North Douglas; Abby Whipple, sr., North Douglas; Kieryn Carnes, jr., Elkton; Aspyn Luzier, jr., Elkton; Kaiya Goureau, jr., Pacific.

Second Team

Natalie Thompson, so., North Douglas; Joleen Crume, jr., Days Creek; Sofia Alcantar, jr., North Douglas; Joy DeRoss, so., Camas Valley; Katrina Schartner, jr., Riddle; Madi Hall, jr., Pacific; Traylyn Arana, jr., Glendale.

Honorable Mention

Eden Crouse, sr., Umpqua Valley Christian; Alexis Halstead, jr., Elkton; Natalie Vincent, jr., Pacific; Catheryn Casteel, sr., Camas Valley; Liz Jarvis, sr., Umpqua Valley Christian; Margaret Byle, so. Elkton; Hannah McCoy, sr. New Hope Christian; Rilie-Jo Olds, jr., North Douglas.

All Defensive Team

Moriah Michaels, jr., Days Creek; Brooklyn Wolfe, so., Camas Valley; Natalie Thompson, so., North Douglas; Alexis Halstead, jr., Elkton; Madi Hall, jr., Pacific.

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