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South Umpqua's cross country team poses after the Mazama Mud Run in Klamath Falls on Wednesday.

KLAMATH FALLS — South Umpqua senior Aneykah McCall won the Mazama Mud Run cross country meet on Wednesday.

McCall covered the two-mile course in 12:03.2.

She was one of three South Umpqua girls to finish in the top five: sophomore Haven Pickup finished third in 12:48.18 and junior Hasina Lathan was fourth in 13:31.11.

The first Lancer boy to cross the finish line was Josiah Vincent. He ran the race in 11:02.27 to finish ninth.

South Umpqua cross country's next race will be the Prefontaine Memorial Run 5K in Coos Bay on Sept. 15.

Wednesday's Results

2 Miles


TOP 5 INDIVIDUALS — 1. Zach Wallace, Mazama, 10:06.02; 2. Declan Ritter, Klamath Union, 10:14.55; 3. Jake Smith, Henley, 10:16.15; 4. Brady Monteith, KU, 10:30.34; 5. Dysen Vigil, KU, 10:30.65.

SOUTH UMPQUA FINISHERS — 9. Josiah Vincent, 11:02.27; 27. Austin Horton, 12:21.62; 29. Dakoda Bauer, 12:26.30; 32. Devyn Schoeneck, 12:53.49; 37. Caleb Blansett-Faulkner, 13:35.52; 41. Andrei Barrong, 14:23.62.


TOP 5 INDIVIDUALS — 1. Aneykah McCall, South Umpqua, 12:03.2; 2. Kendall Moxness, Central Valley, 12:42.68; 3. Haven Pickup, SU, 12:48.18; 4. Hasina Lathan, SU, 13:31.11; 5. Savannah Haeckel, CV, 13:51.99.

OTHER S.U. FINISHERS — 23. Andrei Barrong, 16:17.99; 24. Chloe Telford, 16:37.71; 25. Grace Payne, 16:47.93; 40. Jeanne Davis, 19:23.21.

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