EUGENE — Brody Best finished Saturday’s 5,000-meter cross country race in 20:19.6 as Yoncalla’s top runner at the Northwest Classic at Lane Community College.

“It was a good workout, but it wasn’t my best time,” Best said. “We worked really hard this week in practice and my legs just weren’t there today.”

The Northwest Classic was won by senior Carter Kunert of Tillamook of 16:19.4.

Best ran a sub-20 minute race his sophomore year and coach Eric Sprinkle expects the junior to break that record this season.

“He has potential to be down at 18:30, he just has to figure it out,” coach Sprinkle said. For the rest of the team he hopes they’ll PR very week.

Other Yoncalla finishers were Athusoss Gilbert in 21:24.5, Dylan Grichar in 24:32.2, Gavin Sadler in 25:00.7, Nicholas Blanchfill in 26:44.0, and Ian Sprinkle in 26:48.9. It was a season best for Gilbert and personal records for Grichar, Sadler, Blanchfill and Ian Sprinkle.

“I’ve been running low 19s in practice, but when my legs started giving out and I started cramping I just eased off a little,” Best said. “I know that if I went any harder my legs would be gone for the game tonight. I didn’t want to risk injuring myself by pushing myself too hard.”

Best, Gilbert and Ian Sprinkle also play on the football team which played Camas Valley on Saturday evening.

“We’ve got three on our team that play football and two of them are linemen,” Eric Sprinkle said. “I don’t know of any other cross country team that has two linemen on the roster.”

Yoncalla’s next race will be the Rock n’ River run on Saturday.

Varsity Results

1A-4A 5,000 Meters


TEAM SCORES — 1. Tillamook, 56; 2. Buhach Colony, 78; 3. Siuslaw, 122; 4. Sisters, 138; 5. Yreka, 152; 6. Westside Christian, 173; 7. Junction City, 258; 8. La Center, 263; 9. Henley, 269; 10. Mazama, 274; 11. Blanchet Catholic, 296; 12. Phoenix, 322; 13. Trinity Lutheran, 331; 14. Veritas, 333; 15. Oak Hill, 382; 16. North Lake, 383; 17. Madras, 427; 18. Yoncalla, 490.

TOP 5 FINISHERS — 1. Carter Kunert, Til, 16:19.40; 2. Marshall Bush, Til, 16:44.40; 3. John Peckham, Sis, 16:47.10; 4. Zach Wallace, Maz, 16:53.30; 5. Isaac Whitney, Oakr, 16:53.40.

DOUGLAS COUNTY FINISHERS — 82. Brody Best, Y, 20:19.60; 94. Athusoss Gilbert, Y, 21:24.50; 116. Dylan Grichar, Y, 24:32.20; 119. Gavin Sadler, Y, 25:00.70; 120. Nicholas Blanchfill, Y, 26:44.00; 121. Ian Sprinkle, Y, 26:48.90.

Wyatt Smith paces Oakers

COTTAGE GROVE — Wyatt Smith finished 10th in Saturday’s cross country meet at Cottage Grove’s Harrier’s Challenge near Dorena Lake.

Smith ran the 5,000-meter race in 19:28. Cottage Grove’s Jimmy Talley won in 17:42.

Oakland’s boys team finished ninth with 225 points. Philomath won with 39 points.

Philomath also won the girls’ race with 29 points. Oakland did not have enough female runners for a team.

Hadley Brooksby was Oakland’s top girl, finishing 15th in 25:50.

The next cross country race for the Oakers is the North Bend Tugman Invitational on Wednesday.

Saturday’s Results

5,000 Meters


TEAM SCORES — 1. Philomath, 39; 2. Elmira, 71; 3. Thurston, 90; 4. La Pine, 109; 5. Cottage Grove, 131; 6. North Eugene, 151; 7. Crow, 176; 8. Creswell, 190; 9. Oakland, 225; 10. Jefferson, 236.

TOP 5 FINISHERS — 1. Jimmy Talley, CG, 17:42; 2. Paul Ossowski, Elm, 17:49; 3. Brody Gerig, Phil, 17:50; 4. Grant Hellesto, Phil, 18:10; 5. Keegan Cook, Elm, 18:47.

OAKLAND FINISHERS — 10. Wyatt Smith, 19:28; 47. Brycen Terrell, 23:19; 53. Matthew Yates, 25:24; 55. Shane Eyler, 26:01; 60. Ayden Malina, 34:43.


TEAM SCORES — 1. Philomath, 29; 2. Elmira, 42; 3. Cottage Grove, 51.

TOP 5 FINISHERS — 1. Hannah Hernandez, Phil, 20:05; 2. Abby Raven, Thu, 20:58; 3. Kaitlin Cook, Elm, 21:14; 4. Annah Nyburg, CG, 21:15; 5. Madison Bushnell, Phil, 21:16.

OAKLAND FINISHERS — 15. Hadley Brooksby, 24:50; 31. Johanna Simonson, 30:11.

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