Members of the Roseburg and Grants Pass cross country teams lined up near the finish at Wednesday’s Umpqua Last Chance cross country meet and cheered “Corey, Corey” as GP freshman Corey Sandoval came to the final straight stretch.

Sandoval, who ran with an assistant runner, sprinted to the finish line to finish 64th in 32:48. A new personal best, according to one of the coaches.

“It was a beautiful moment,” Roseburg coach Nathan Eckman said.

Eckman used the meet as a competition for spots on the RHS varsity team that will represent the school at the Southwest Conference district meet next Wednesday.

The top two Roseburg boys and top five girls didn’t run in the Umpqua Last Chance meet, providing them with extra opportunities for practice this week.

Elijah Hansen, the No. 3 Roseburg boys runner, did compete because he missed the previous meet. Hansen finished second overall in 17:08, behind Grants Pass’ Daniel Beckstead, who finished in 15:49.

“I’m not super happy with my time, but coming in second place to the reigning district champion is not a bad day in my book,” Hansen said.

Eckman said, “Eli had an incredible race and I am really impressed with the drive and desire of our runners who gave it a shot to make the varsity lineup today. Steen Olson had a big day for us today as did Finn, Nicholas and John.”

Steen Olson finished ninth overall in 18:26, followed by Roseburg freshman Nicholas Looper, also in 18:26. Roseburg senior’s Finn Flugel and John Sajo each were clocked in 18:39.

“We had two freshman boys Brian (Powell) and Preston (Smith) who almost cracked our varsity lineup,” Eckman said, adding that both ran the race in less than 19 minutes and are starting to come into their own at the end of their first season with the team.

Other Douglas County schools in attendance were Reedsport, Douglas, Oakland and Glide.

Glide sophomore Brandon Byrd finished 19th in a personal best 19:09.

“It was a good race,” Byrd said. “The course was good, it was well-marked. It gave me another chance to PR.”

Byrd will be competing in the boys’ 2A/1A Special District 4 Championships next Thursday at the Valley of the Rogue State Park near Gold Hill.

Byrd hopes to run a sub-19 minute 5,000-meter race and qualify for the state championships.

Reedsport’s top finisher was Garrett Seeley (36th, 20:46), Douglas’ top runner was 38th place finisher Matt Richard in 20:54 and Oakland was led by Brycen Terrell in 21:19 for 42nd.

In the girls’ race, Grants Pass occupied eight of the top 10 spots.

Roseburg’s Miriam Childers managed to finish eighth in 21:53. Faith Schultz of Grants Pass won in 19:52.

“I knew it was going to be a little rough, because usually I can see Eden (Childers) and Bethany (Kalebaugh) in front of me and I couldn’t pace off them today. So it was a little difficult knowing where I was,” Miriam Childers said.

The last time the Roseburg sophomore ran the course, during the Sept. 19 pre-district meet, she finished in 22:46.7.

“I felt like i pushed myself harder than last time,” Childers said.

Roseburg senior Nina Willhoft finished 11th in 22:18.

“Miriam and Nina battled Trinity and Sophia for the last two varsity spots,” Eckman said. “I am proud of how all four of those girls competed.”

RHS junior Sophia Tate finished 13th in 22:36 and freshman Trinity Minyard finished 14th in 22:38.

Reedsport junior Ashley Schuttpelz finished 16th in 23:19.

Holly Floto was the first Glide girl to cross the finish line. She was 22nd in 25:05 and closely followed by her teammate, Miranda Rubrecht, who was 24th in 25:12.

Oakland was led by Hailey Schulz, who was 38th in 28:58.

Prior to the high school varsity races, there were a 3,000-meter middle school race and a one-mile elementary school race.

“We had 25 Roseburg Public School students grades K-12 run for many of them their first cross country race,” Eckman said. “We will continue to sponsor elementary running events as these runners are the future of our sport and their positive energy is contagious.”

Wednesday’s Varsity Results


TEAM SCORES — 1. Grants Pass, 19; 2. Roseburg, 44; 3. Glide, 85.

TOP 10 INDIVIDUALS — 1. Daniel Beckstead, GP, 15:49; 2. Elijah Hansen, Rose, 17:08; 3. Ethan Bland, GP, 17:24; 4. Cedar Davis-Frankfort, GP, 17:30; 5. Marcus Loghry, GP, 17:42; 6. Avery Church, GP, 17:47; 7. Josh Richards, GP, 18:15; 8. Ryan Johnston, GP, 18:22; 9. Steen Olson, Rose, 18:26; 10. Nicholas Looper, Rose, 18:26.

OTHER DOUGLAS COUNTY FINISHERS — 11. Finn Flugel, Rose, 18:39; 12. John Sajo, Rose, 18:39; 14. Brian Powell, Rose, 18:49; 15. Preston Smith, Rose, 18:49; 19. Brandon Byrd, Glide, 19:09; 21. Kason Bonds, Rose, 19:20; 24. Benjamin Herrold, Rose, 19:45; 25. Alex Buster, Rose, 20:09; 26. Eli Metz, Glide, 20:18; 27. Wyatt Lowe, Rose, 20:26; 28. Dominic Colvin, Rose, 20:26; 29. Parker Townsend, Rose, 20:33; 30. Jayce Laughlin, Rose, 20:33; 31. Caleb Auty, Glide, 20:34; 32. Nathan Masiel, Glide, 20:37; 35. Robby Clarke, Rose, 20:45; 36. Garrett Seeley, Reedsport, 20:46; 37. Nicholas Bolin, Rose, 20:54; 38. Matt Richards, Doug, 20:54; 40. Isaac Allen, Rose, 21:03; 42. Brycen Terrell, Oakland, 21:19; 43. Brady Dexter, Reed, 21:25; 44. Trenton Hoschouer, Rose, 21:28; 45. Joseph Larson, Rose, 21:28; 47. Enrique Molina-Sanchez, Rose, 21:42; 48. Caleb Thomas, Glide, 21:52; 51. Aidan Alcock, Rose, 22:10; 52. Ayden Malina, Oakl, 22:23; 53. Matthew Yates, Oakl, 22:33; 54. Carter Dryden, Rose, 22:40; 55. Shane Eyler, Oakl, 22:51; 56. Austin Bellew, Rose, 23:17; 57. Paviat Rai, Rose, 24:56; 59. Silas Kincaid, Rose, 25:35; 60. Brady Anderson, Doug, 26:28; 61. Cooper Sustaire, Rose, 26:34; 62. Haydon Hoschouer, Rose, 26:46; 63. Jackson Delaney, Rose, 28:19.


TEAM SCORES — 1. Grants Pass, 15; 2. Roseburg, 49.

TOP 10 INDIVIDUALS — 1. Faith Schultz, GP, 19:52; 2. Mary Sturley, GP, 20:38; 3. Emily Bath, GP, 20:57; 4. Allie Storts, Coquille, 21:11; 5. Sage Hartsfield, GP, 21:12; 6. Samantha Dara, GP, 21:23; 7. Sarah Sturley, GP, 21:39; 8. Miriam Childers, Rose, 21:53; 9. Haylee Bayard, GP, 22:07; 10. Abby Durrant, GP, 22:11.

OTHER DOUGLAS COUNTY FINISHERS — 11. Nina Willhoft, Rose, 22:18; 13. Sophia Tate, Rose, 22:36; 14. Trinity Minyard, Rose, 22:38; 15. Sarara Shirakawa, Rose, 23:11; 16. Ashley Schuttpelz, Reedsport, 23:19; 17. Kylie Lehne, Rose, 23:37; 19. Emma Stuart, Rose, 23:41; 21. Paris Coleman, Rose, 23:57; 22. Holly Floto, Glide, 25:05; 23. Grace Backen, Rose, 25:05; 24. Miranda Rubrecht, Glide, 25:12; 26. Ingeborg Samnoey, Rose, 26:09; 27. Emma LoCicero, Rose, 26:15; 29. Alaina Sustaire, Rose, 26:29; 30. Abigail Smith, Rose, 26:30; 32. Mylie Fox, Rose, 27:47; 34. Mya Schuyler, Rose, 28:00; 36. Shauna Jackson, Rose, 28:41; 38. Hailey Schulz, Oakland, 28:58; 39. Marlene Cummins, Rose, 28:59; 40. Brooke Edmonson, Oakl, 29:09; 41. Aaliyah Lanham, Rose, 29:38; 42. Lily Kilgore, Rose, 29:43; 44. Rachel Way, Rose, 29:51; 45. Abigail Veale, Rose, 30:29; 46. Emily Stetson, Rose, 30:42; 47. Kassie Diehl, Reed, 31:02; 48. Stephanie Way, Rose, 32:59.

Sports reporter Sanne Godfrey can be reached at 541-957-4203 or via email at Follow her on Twitter @sannegodfrey

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